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UCD Masters in Geography | Discover Your Path 

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UCD Geography Masters Information Event

UCD School of Geography offers exciting and engaging Masters Programmes that explore pressing issues such as sustainability, geopolitics, Global South, power and inequalities, and geographic information systems. Our Masters Programmes offer students the possibilities of engaging with key world issues in ways that seek to shape their future, alongside the future of the planet, urbanities and social lives.

Whether you are more focused on science-based issues, social sciences or arts you can choose path that suits your interest. Learn practical skills, such as the ability to use geographical information systems or create and deliver your own research project with experts in your area of interest. Take advantage of the practical aspects and engage in hands-on learning, including field trips both here and abroad.  You will study a cutting-edge, research-led curriculum with leading international experts in geography.

Join us for UCD Geography Masters Information Event

Come join us on Wednesday 19th February and speak with our leading academics, students and alumni. Learn about our Specialist Geography Masters courses. A Geography Masters from UCD, Ireland's Global University offers you endless possibilities to engage your experience and current learning. Gain advanced skills and expertise that will strongly develop your career opportunities.

Take your next step as you forge your own path, creating exciting directions for shaping the future.

Date:  19th February 2020
Time:  3:30pm - 4:30pm
Location: Room E003 UCD School of Geography, Newman Building, UCD Belfield, Dublin 4 ((opens in a new window)Directions)

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Below is our Geography Masters Programmes:

  • MSc Applied GeoSpatial Analysis: Are you interested in using spatial data and technology to better inform decisions and make a difference on our planet and society? Interested in a paid internship in Dublin-based GIS firms and/or a fully-funded GIS teaching internship in Vietnamese universities. Find out more and (opens in a new window)apply here.

  • MSc Critical Geographies: Are you interested in investigating the power relations that shape our world, so that we can shape new futures? You will have a choice of three field trips to follow your interests. Find out more and (opens in a new window)apply here.

  • MSc Development and the Global South: Are you interested in gaining a critical understanding of global social-economic inequalities and the chance to participate in an Irish Aid-funded project that will allow you to undertake development fieldwork with our partner universities in Vietnam? Find out more and (opens in a new window)apply here.

  • MA Geopolitics and the Global Economy: Explore how power operates globally and locally and understand political and economic changes, crises and events worldwide. Find out more and (opens in a new window)apply here.

  • MA Geography: Do you want to develop the depth of your Geography knowledge to shape new and more sustainable worlds? This course allows you to keep going with both Physical and Human Geography, as well as offering practical skills in GIS. Find out more and (opens in a new window)apply here.
  • MSc Demographic and Population Analytics: Explore the population processes that shape our society and define contemporary debates around mortality, health, migration and fertility. This interdisciplinary course bridges Geography and Sociology and combines technical and theoretical approaches to the study of populations. Find out more and (opens in a new window)apply here.

  • MSc Risk, Resilience and Sustainability: Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of risk and the ways in which it is generated, experienced and managed is fundamental to addressing many of our pressing societal issues? Are you interested in how Sustainability and resilience work together in the safeguarding of ecosystem services, societal wellbeing, the economy, construction, transportation and political systems? Find out more and apply here.

  • MSc Urban Environment: Are you interested in contributing to enhancing the living environment of almost 60% of the global population? Do you want to learn how cities work and engage in a real-world collaborative project in Dublin? Find out more and (opens in a new window)apply here.

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