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UCD and Utrecht University Partnership

Thursday, 26 May, 2016

College Principal of UCD College of Social Sciences and Law, Colin Scott, addressed the 'Legal Research Master Conference 2016' on Friday, 20 May in Utrecht University. The conference explored 'Blending the Public and the Private: Privatisation of Public Law and Enforcement' from the viewpoint of security law, environmental law and competition law.

Professor Scott's participation continues the increasing collaboration between UCD and Utrecht University, which includes a new joint two-year double-masters degree exploring pressing concerns facing Europe today. Students analyse issues of European governance from different angles involving law and public administration in an interdisciplinary environment. Students graduate with two masters degrees – an (opens in a new window)MSc in European Governance from UCD and an MSc in European Governance from Utrecht University.

 Utrecht University Visit

Pictured (left to right) are Linda Senden, Utrecht University School of Law; Colin Scott, UCD College of Social Sciences and Law; Annetje Ottow, Utrecht University Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance; Sebastiaan Princen, Utrecht University School of Governance

Undergraduate students at UCD can apply to study for a semester in Utrecht University. Colin Scott, College Principal, and Dean Annetje Ottow, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (LEG) at Utrecht University, agreed to explore further options to facilitate the mobility of staff and students and to build on joint interdisciplinary thematic research.

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