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Transfers Internal & External

Transfers Internal & External

The University provides several ways where current or former UCD students may apply to transfer to a new undergraduate programme of study, and prospective students may apply to enter into a UCD programme having undertaken learning at another Higher Education Institution
Note: This process does not apply you if you are a current student to apply for Leave of Absence or students who are repeating modules: Please contact the Social Sciences Office for information.
Internal Transfers
If you are a current or previous student of UCD, but have not yet completed your programme, you may request to move to a different programme or apply for re-admission to the programme you previously attended. Links below to UCD Admissions where full information is given to you for internal transfers or re-admission:
External Transfers
UCD Admissions provide detailed information to you if you are an applicant who is currently attending, or have previously attended but not completed a NFQ level 8 degree in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) other than UCD, seeking to gain entry to UCD whether in a similar or different discipline. 
UCD Admissions website for external transfers
Progression Applicants
An applicant who is seeking to enter on the basis of a completed recognised NFQ level 5, 6 or 7 qualification (normally FET-QQI or HETAC and certain linked UCD programmes). UCD Social Sciences have a number of application routes*:
  • UCD Diploma in Access to Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
  • UCD Open Learning Certificate
  • UCD Level 7 Certificate in Women, Gender and Social Justice
  • UCD Level 7 Diploma in Women, Gender and Social Justice
  • UCD Diploma in: Community Drugs Work or Drugs Counselling Theory and Intervention Skills
Full information about application to progress from these programme is available on the UCD Admissions website: Progression Routes.  *We welcome input on other routes that may be appropriate as a pathway.  Please contact the Associate Dean of Social Sciences to discuss this:  undergraduate.adsocsci@ucd.ie
FAQs on admissions and transfers are available on the UCD Admissions FAQ website.
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