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15 May 2020: Day-to-day change on COVID-19 infection rates in Ireland

4 May 2020: Mapping trends in distribution of COVID-19 infection in Ireland

1 January 2020: The School of Geography warmly welcomes Visiting Fellow - Mairéad de Róiste

1 January 2020: The School of Geography warmly welcomes new Assistant Professor Tobi Morakinyo

1 January 2020: The School of Geography warmly welcomes new Assistant Professor Bradley Garrett


16 July 2019: Dublin Core Bus Corridor and trees along the proposed corridor facing potential felling - Gerald Mills and Tine Ningal.

10-12 July 2019: International Symposium on the History of Geographical Thought.
The Programme for this event can be found by clicking (opens in a new window)here

6 June 2019: The Antipode Foundation released Assoc. Prof. Federico Ferretti's video abstract on the Anne Buttimer paper.

1 April 2019: Successful IRC COALESCE awards for UCD Geography and job opportunity for postdoc.

27 February 2019: Second Story Map - Regeneration, Heritage and Politics: Moore Stree, Dublin - Dr Christine Bonnin and Assoc. Prof. Niamh Moore-Chery.

20 February 2019: Launching of  Story Maps - Marino at 100 - Assoc. Prof. Joe Brady.


19-25 November 2018: Launch of Mapping Laois from the 16th to the 21st Century (Wordwell, 2018) by Dr Arnold Horner at Notre Dame Dublin gateway.

20 November 2018: Community Engagement - Geoweek 2018: Introducing Dundrum Brownie Guides to the Sustainable Development Goals.

13 November 2018: Dr. Federico Ferretti has been invited for a visiting appointment at the Institute of Geography of the University of Buenos Aires 

19-21 October 2018: SIMMS 120 event takes place - to recall the work of Herbert Simms, one of the most significant architects of public housing in Ireland.

27 August 2018: The School of Geography welcomes the new Head of School, Prof. Jacky Croke

11 June 2018: UCD Geography is hosting visitors from Hanoi University's (HANU) Faculty of International Studies for a week-long training of trainers workshop in GIS applications for Development and the Environment. 

22 May 2018: Federico Ferretti appointed to Royal Irish Academy (RIA) Geosciences and Geographical Sciences Committee, 2018

4th April 2018: School hosts European Social Survey briefing - April 4th, 2018

20 March 2018: Third-year students undertook physical geography fieldwork in the Kings River catchment (Wicklow Mountains)

11-16 March 2018: The International Field class took place. The MA Geopolitics class went over to Brussels from 11th -16th March.

22 February 2018Global South Day seminar and lecture hosted by UCD School of Geography.

January 2018: Dr. Federico Ferretti was awarded two prizes for the best paper published in 2017


20-24 November 2017: Alternative Geographical Traditions research by Federico Ferretti fosters new international engagement

September 2017: School offers new free course on mapping

July 2017: Emeritus Professor Anne Buttimer has passed away on 15th July, 2017. 

July 2017: Recent appointments for Professor Alun Jones.

July 2017: Historical Geographies of Anarchism, co-edited by Dr Federico Feretti, now published

June 2017: Assoc. Prof. Niamh Moore-Cherry awarded College and University Teaching Excellence Award.

June 2017: the Great Regional Awakening - RSA Annual Conference 2017, Dublin.

30 March 2017: Creating a sustainable, vibrant Dublin of the future!.

24 March 2017: Assistant Professor - Economic Geography (Tenure-track).

9 March 2017: Dr Federico Ferretti received the Royal Irish Academy Charlemont Award.

March 2017: The launching of National Planning Framework Consultation 2040.

February 2017: ERC Award for TechEvo Project led by UCD geographer and Post-Docoral Level position announcement on the Project.

February 2017: The Stu Daultrey Book Donation to (opens in a new window)UCD Library


Sept 2016: UCD Geographer elected Secretary/Treasurer of the IGU Commission for the History of Geography.

21-26 August 2016: UCD Geographer leads successful bid to host International Geographical Congress in Dublin, 2024

16 May: Who's Afraid of Mapping Beauty? in collaboration with Dublin City Council. 9.30-12 noon in the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield.

19 April: The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies, Special Guest Lecture by Prof .  Pre-registration required - (opens in a new window)click here

4 March: Watch Ryan McCarrel (one of our current Geography PhD researchers) speak about(opens in a new window) if UN reforms are enough to end sex abuse scandal on a documentary made by(opens in a new window) Al Jazeera recently

2 March: Watch Dr Federico Ferretti discuss his new paper (Antipode, 2016) "Arcangelo Ghisleri and the “Right to Barbarity”: Geography and Anti-colonialism in Italy in the Age of Empire (1875-1914)."

29 February: Dr Gerald Mills research findings that Affluent areas of Dublin city have more trees and green spaces reported in the Irish Times.

26 February: Congratulations to Joe Brady on receipt of an award, marking his outstanding contribution as Editor of Irish Geography, presented by the Geographical Society of Ireland.

2 February: Dr Julien Mercille and Dr Enda Murphy discuss their paper  (opens in a new window)“Conceptualising European Privatisation Processes After the Great Recession”

21 January: Professor Anne Buttimer recognised as an outstanding Conference Ambassador by Bord Fáilte.

21 January: Bord Fáilte recognises the work of Dr. Gerald Mills in bringing the ICUC8 conference to Ireland.

8 January: ‌Call for Papers: Geographies of Anti-colonialism, RGS-IBG Conference, London, 30 August - 2 September 2016.  


22 October: Five things you need to know about urban forests (Dr David Nowak)