Ulysses medal presented to Professor Elizabeth Loftus


World leading Psychologist, Professor Elizabeth Loftus from the University of California, Irvine has been awarded the University College Dublin Ulysses Medal. The medal is the highest honour the University can award and it was presented to Professor Loftus by Professor Mark Rogers, UCD's Registrar, Deputy President and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The official citation for Ambassador Power was read by Dr Ciara Greene, Assistant Professor from UCD School of Psychology.


Professor Alan Carr, Head of UCD School of Psychology, Professor Elizabeth Loftus recipient of the University College Dublin Ulysses medal and Professor Mark Rogers UCD Registrar, Deputy President and Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Professor Loftus is the undisputed world leader in the field of false memory and eyewitness testimony. Her key research insights include the recognition that human memory is malleable and suggestible; that false memories of childhood events can be easily implanted; and that that leading questions can have a dramatic effect on the memory and testimony of eyewitnesses. Her work has revolutionised both academic investigations of memory and legal procedure for eyewitness testimony. Her expertise is widely recognized, and she has given expert testimony at high profile trials such as the OJ Simpson trial, the Ted Bundy trials and the Bosnian war tribunals in the Hague. Prof. Loftus' lecture at UCD is entitled 'The Fiction of memory' and will discuss the key insights into human memory gleaned from her decades of experience in the field. 

Following the award, Professor Loftus delivered a public lecture entitled “The Fiction of Memory” to an audience of over 400 people in UCD.


Professor Elizabeth Loftus speaking at the Public Lecture entitled “The Fiction of Memory”.