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Maps in Special Collections

UCD Library Special Collections holds a significant collection of historical maps.
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The Collection

Highlights of the historical maps collection include:

  • Maps of Ireland by Ortelius dating from the 16th century
  • Several 18th century maps of Dublin by John Roque
  • 19th century Ordnance Survey 1st edition maps of the counties.

UCD Library also holds a collection of facsimile historical maps in Richview Library.

Ancillary Printed Resources on Maps: Monographs 
  • Petty W., 1851. The history of the survey of Ireland: commonly called the Down survey. Dublin: Archaeological Society.Classmark: HSM 941.500002/IRI
  • Law, A. B., 1997. The printed maps of Ireland 1612-1850. Dublin: Neptune Gallery. Classmark:Reference 016.942/LAW
  • Andrews, J.H., 2002. A paper landscape, the Ordnance Survey in 19th century Ireland 2nd edition. Dublin: Four Courts. Classmark:GEN 941.415/AND and SCR 941.415/AND
  • Andrews, J.H., 1985. Plantation acres: an historical study of the Irish land surveyor and his maps. Belfast:Ulster historical foundation. Classmark: GEN 912
  • Doherty, G., 2004. The Irish ordnance survey: history, culture and memory. Dublin: Four Courts. Classmark:GEN 912.415/DOH
  • Nolan, W. , Simms, A. ed. 1998. Irish towns: a guide to sources. Dublin: Geography Publications. Classmark:HSM 941.50002/IRI and Reference 911.415/IRI
  • Wallis, W., McConnell, A., ed. 1994. Historians' guide to early British maps: a guide to the location of pre-1900 maps of the British Isles preserved in the United Kingdom and Ireland. London: Royal Historical Society. Classmark:HSM 942.0002/ROY
  • Prunty, J. 1994. Maps and map-making in local history. Dublin: Four Courts. Classmark:GEN 912/PRU (James Joyce Library) and GEN 912.09415/PRU (Architecture)
Irish Directories and Topographical Sources 
  • Wilson, W. 1784. The Post Chaise companion or a traveler’s directory through Ireland.Dublin: J. & J. H. Fleming. Classmark:  25.G.23
  • Leet, A. 1814. A Directory to the market towns, gentlemens’ seats in Ireland,. Dublin: Brett Smith. Classmark:  8.F.22
  • Lewis, S., 1840. Topographical Dictionary of IrelandLondon: S. Lewis. Classmark: 19.D.5-8
  • Fullerton, A. 1846. Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland. Dublin: A. Fullerton. Classmark: 29.B.17
  • Slater, I. 1846. I Manchester: Slater.Classmark: 28.G.15
  • Thom’s Commercial Directory for Ireland.Dublin:Thoms Directories.
    • 1844 - 50 held in Special Collections at 15.N.1-6
    • 1851  held in Store Reference at 380.09415 THO
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