Covid 19 Once Off Emergency Grant

As part of Budget 2021, the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science has introduced a Covid-19 Once Off Emergency Grant of €250 for further and higher education students. This is in recognition of the significant upheaval they have experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
All full-time EU undergraduate and postgraduate students registered for the 2020/21 academic year are eligible for the COVID-19 Once Off Emergency Grant.


You are eligible for the Covid-19 Allowance of €250 if you meet all of the following criteria:
  • Full Time
  • EU Undergraduate student or EU Postgraduate student
  • Ordinarily registered in University College Dublin at the 1 November 2020

What happens next?

  • Students who avail of Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) supports should have received a €250 top-up in their grant before Christmas. If you are in receipt of support from SUSI and have not received this top-up, please contact SUSI at
  • Eligible students who are not in receipt of SUSI supports - €250 will be credited to your UCD fee account before the 28 February 2021 and you will receive an email once the credit has been applied.
    • If you currently owe fees for 2020/21, this credit will be automatically allocated against these fees.
    • If you do not owe fees, or owe less than €250, this credit will be used against academic year 2021/22 fees.
    • If you do not owe fees for 2020/21, and are a final year student, you will receive a refund of the amount overpaid after we have applied this credit. Normal refund timelines apply.
The Department of Education and Skills requested the HEA bring the below information in relation to the Free Fees Scheme to attention:

In terms of higher education, notwithstanding Brexit, UK students will still be eligible for the EU fee rate. For the free fees initiative, once students meet all other criteria as set out in the Free Fees Initiative:

  • Students with UK nationality will continue to be eligible under the nationality criteria of the free fees scheme;
  • UK residency will continue to contribute towards fulfilling the ordinarily resident criteria of the scheme. 
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