Module Level and your Undergraduate Degree

A programme is an approved course of study, the successful completion of which normally leads to a University award. The award is made when the required number of credits have been successfully accumulated, at appropriate levels, from approved modules, and over an appropriate period of time, and all other programme requirements have been met, as outlined in the programme specification (see General Regulation 3.8 of UCD's Academic Regulations) approved by Academic Council and/or its sub-committees.

Below is the information relating to the Module Levels applying to the undergraduate Honours Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture: BSc (Architecture) Science) and BSc (Landscape Architecture). Students intending to pursue the 5-year BSc/MArch pathway should be mindful of this information when selecting elective modules particularly in respect of the 3-year 180 credit BSc (Architecture) degree award.


  • Level 0: 10 ECTS credits maximum
  • Level 2: a minimum of 100 ECTS credits must be at level 2 or above*
  • Level 3: a minimum of 40 ECTS credits must be at level 3 or above

* These modules may include the 40 ECTS credits of Level 3 modules that are also required.

To understand more about how your Degree Programme is structured in terms of modules levels (modules of different levels of difficulty) and the relevance of Module Levels to your degree award please refer to the information online in the User’s Guide to General Regulations.


All students, including students returning to their programme following a leave of absence or withdrawal, are governed by the Academic Regulations in place in the academic session they (re-)register.


The Online User's Guide has been designed to help students and staff navigate their way through the Academic Regulations. The Guide is organised thematically and uses a FAQ approach. The Academic Regulations are subject to review and amendment on an annual basis. The Online User's Guide is updated accordingly to reflect any changes.