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How to Complete a Multiple Choice Exam

Multiple Choice Question Exams (MCQs) provide you with a range of questions or statements with a number of possible answers, where one or more of the answers are correct responses and the other answers are distractors.

MCQ answer sheets are corrected by machine and require careful completion to ensure you receive an accurate exam result. Below are some general instructions.

General instructions

  • Mark the answer sheet with a HB pencil only
  • Choose only one answer per question
  • Never cross out an answer. Use a clean eraser only and erase carefully
  • Make sure there are no marks except in designated areas on the answer sheet
  • Do not crease or fold the answer sheet
  • Do not perforate, staple, or attach anything to the answer sheet

Filling in the Answer Sheet

  • Name: Write your name in the grey box provided
  • Module: Write the module code of the exam you are sitting in the grey box provided as appropriate to the answer sheet
  • Date: Fill in the date of the exam in the grey box provided
  • Seat Number: Write the seat number in the grey box provided, if applicable
  • Student Number: Your student number must be both written and marked in the box provided. Your seat number should be written beside your name as per the examples below

The correct way to mark an answer (sample shown is the most frequently used of 4 sheet types in the university:

MCQ instruction

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