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(Last updated: 17 August 2022)

Module CodeModule Title
ACC10060 Acc for non-Business students
ACC20010 Financial Accounting 2
ACM10060 Appl of Differential Equations
ACM10090 Climate Change:Causes & Cnsqn
AERD30220 Agri-Taxation
AESC20050 Applied Zoology
AESC30080 Agri-Env. Issues and Policy
AH10070 Dublin: Its Museums
AH10150 The Modern World
AH20200 The Modern to the Contemporary
AH20210 Perspectives on Irish Art
AH20230 European Architecture
AH20250 Early Islamic Art
AH20270 Venice: Art, Myth and Identity
AH20280 Queer Art Histories
AH30670 Digital Art
ANAT10030 Forensic Anthropology
ANSC20010 Genetics and Biotechnology
ANSC30380 Animal Science Industries
ARCH10010 Exploring Archaeology
ARCH10050 Intro archaeology of Ireland
ARCH10150 Anthropology: an introduction
ARCH10160 The Human Past
ARCT10080 Visualisation and Photographic
BIOC00010 Chemistry-Biochemistry
BIOL10070 Biology for the Modern World
BIOL20050 Climate Change and Agriculture
BMGT10060 Introduction to Management
BMGT10130 Mastering University Learning
BMGT10150 Project Management
BMGT10160 Global Marketplace
BMGT20050 Business Across Borders
BMGT20140 Global Business
BMGT20210 Business & the European Union
BSEN30020 Buildings and Environment
BSEN30030 Air Pollution
BSEN30210 Precision Agriculture
CCIV20120 Law & Society in Early Ireland
CCIV20130 Kings and Heroes of Early Irl
CCIV30110 Early Irish Myths & Sagas
CHN10010 Chinese Language Experience I
COMP10010 Introduction to Programming I
COMP10020 Introduction to Programming II
COMP10030 Algorithmic Problem Solving
COMP10060 Computer Sci for Engineers I
COMP20070 Databases and Info. Systems I
COMP20090 Intro. to Cognitive Science
COMP20200 UNIX Programming
CPSC30050 Organic Agriculture
CRWT20010 Intro to Creative Writing
CRWT30010 Exploring Creative Writing
CRWT30030 Travel Writing
CSOC10010 Intro Comp Soc Sci
CSOC20010 Appl Comp Social Sci
DEV20130 Sustainable Development Goals
DRAM20050 Shakespeare on Film
DSCY10040 Childhood
DSCY10050 War: Ancient and modern
DSCY10060 Energy Climate Change & Policy
DSCY10070 Materials in Society
DSCY10080 Gateways to Japan
DSCY10090 The Art of Living Well
DSCY10100 Storytelling
DSCY10120 Contagion & Control
DSCY10130 Understanding Homelessness
DSCY10140 The Human Body
ECON10020 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON10030 Intro Quantitative Economics
ECON10040 Economics and Society
ECON10720 Microeconomics for Business
ECON10770 Introduction to Economics
ECON20010 Intermediate Microeconomics I
ECON20040 Statistics for Economists
ECON20060 Irish Economy
ECON20080 Economic Policy Analysis
ECON20100 Game Theory
ECON20160 Economics of the Environment
ECON20180 Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECON20190 Introduction to Financial Econ
ECON30500 Field Experiments Social Sci
EDUC10170 Human Learning
EDUC10210 Black Studies and CRT
EDUC20070 Travellers, Ethnicity & Rights
ENG10020 Children's Literature
ENG10170 Contemporary Dystopian Fiction
ENG10180 Comics and Fantasy
ENG10250 Horror Literature
ENVP10010 Environment Change & Policy
FDSC10010 Food Diet and Health
FDSC20040 Sensory Analysis
FDSC20110 Food Diet and Health II
FDSC20230 Intro. Human Eating Behaviour
FIN20040 Foundations of Finance
FIN30030 Intl Financial Management
FIN30100 Investment and Portfolio Manag
FOR20110 Forests, Climate and Carbon
FOR20120 Bees, pollination and people
FR10060 French Grammar & Comprehension
FR10070 French Grammar & Expression
FR10140 Paris
GEOG10080 Dynamic Earth
GEOG10100 People, Places, Regions
GEOG10130 Geography Matters
GEOG10140 Mapping a Sustainable World
GEOG20060 Weather,Climate&Climate Change
GEOG20130 Cities in a Global World
GEOG20140 Geography, Politics and Media
GEOG20230 Intro: GIS for Sustainability
GEOG30080 Development of Dublin
GEOG30300 Social/Population Geography
GEOL10040 Earth, Environment and Society
GEOL10050 Earth and Humanity
GEOL10060 Introduction to Earth Sciences
GEOL20110 Global Environmental Change
GEOL20180 Geoscience for Sustainability
GEOL20230 History of life on Earth
GEOL20240 Medical Geology
GER10010 German Language I a
GRC10140 Classical Myth: An Intro
GRC10190 War and the Hero
GRC10200 Classical Greece
GRC20030 Early Roman Empire
HIS10070 Modern Europe
HIS10080 Rome to Renaissance
HIS10310 Ireland's English Centuries
HIS10320 The Making of Modern Ireland
HIS10440 The United States, 1776-1991
HIS10450 Radicals and Revolutionaries
HIS10460 Animal Histories
HIS20460 Islam and Christianity
HIS20780 History of Science
HIS20820 Nazi Germany
HIS20950 Statecraft & Strategy
HIS20960 Living Loving&Dying19C Ireland
HIS21100 Celtic Dawn to Celtic Tiger
HIS21120 Northern Ireland, 1920-2010
HIS21170 The Making of the Middle East
HIS21210 Spanish Civil War
HIS21240 Celts, Romans and Vikings
HIS21260 A History of Anti-Immigration
HIS21320 Sport and the modern world
HIS21330 Global Asia
HIS32310 Revolutionary Russia,1905-1921
HIS32380 20thC Genocide & Mass Violence
HNUT30010 Food Diet and Health III
HORT10020 Plants and People
HUM10010 Study Skills in the Humanities
HUM10030 Introduction to Arts
HUM10040 Academic Writing in Practice
IA20010 Creativity & Innovation
IA20020 Essentials of Entrepreneurship
IA20060 Social Entrepreneurship
IA20080 Design Thinking
IA20090 Design Your Life
IA20100 Innovation for Sustainability
IA20110 Global Innovation Challenges
IA20130 Designing the Future
IA20220 Virtual Reality Future Skills
INRL20110 Intro to Middle East Politics
INRL20160 Introduction to EU Politics
IR10040 Teanga na Gaeilge I
IR10050 Irish for Beginners
IR20270 Ad Astra: Prof Personal Dev
IRFL20050 Healers and Healing
IRST10010 Intro to Irish Studies
IS10010 Information & Social Media
IS10050 Digital Judgement
IS10060 Digital Technology
IS20010 DigiComp
ITAL10020 Italian Language I a
ITAL10110 Italy
LANG10010 Italian Gen Purp 1
LANG10020 Chinese L & C 1
LANG10070 Italian Gen Purp 2
LANG10080 Arabic Gen Purp 1
LANG10100 German Gen Purp 1
LANG10130 German Gen Purp 2
LANG10150 Polish Gen Purp 1
LANG10160 Chinese L & C 2
LANG10170 French Gen Purp 1
LANG10180 French Gen Purp 2
LANG10200 Japanese L & C 2
LANG10210 Japanese L & C 1
LANG10220 Russian Gen Purp 1
LANG10230 Spanish Gen Purp 1
LANG10260 Spanish Gen Purp 2
LANG10350 Russian Gen Purp 2
LANG10380 Swahili Gen Purp 1
LANG10640 Irish Sign Language 1
LANG10650 Intro to English Lang Teaching
LANG10660 Korean for General Purposes 1
LANG10670 Portuguese Gen Purp 1
LANG10690 Portuguese General Purposes 2
LANG10700 Korean General Purposes 2
LANG20040 French Gen Purp 5
LANG20100 Spanish Gen Purp 5
LANG20170 French Gen Purp 6
LANG20330 French General Purposes 3a
LANG20390 Spanish General Purposes 3a
LANG20440 French for General Purposes 4
LANG20450 German for General Purposes 4
LANG20470 Spanish General Purposes 4
LANG20490 Spanish General Purposes 6
LAW10260 Criminal Procedure
LAW10450 Law and Courts
LAW30530 Criminological Theory
LING10020 Lang Acquisition&Disruption
LING10030 Sounds in Language
LING10040 Words and Sentences
LING10050 Introduction to Linguistics
LING20090 Sociolinguistics 2
MATH10310 Calculus for Science
MATH20270 Theory of Games
MIS10040 Web Design and Analytics
MIS10050 Digital Tech in Business
MIS20070 Digital Society
MKT20020 Marketing: Firms, Customers &
MKT30060 Effective Marketing Plans
MKT30080 Global Marketing
MKT30120 Digital Marketing
MUS10120 Music, Culture and Society
MUS10150 Writing about Music
MUS10200 Listening to Music
MUS10210 Musicianship
MUS20310 Popular Music and Culture
MUS20610 Music in Ireland
MUS20840 UCD Choral Scholars 1
MUS31330 Post-Truth, Politics & Music
NMHS10100 Health across the Lifespan
NMHS10560 Introduction to Global Health
NMHS32480 Introduct to Health Systems
PERS10020 Fundamentals of S & C Online
PERS10060 Intro to Exercise Science
PERS10120 Sci of Human Perf I
PERS10130 Intro to Sports Injuries
PERS20030 Sort your life out and thrive
PERS30260 Sports Injury Management
PHIL10020 Intro to Probs of Philosophy
PHIL10030 Intro to Modern Philosophy
PHIL10040 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL10070 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL10100 Existentialism and Humanism
PHIL10110 Intro to Eastern Philosophy
PHIL10160 Critical Thinking
PHIL20020 Logic
PHIL20240 Applied Ethics
PHIL20440 Feminism & Gender Justice
PHIL20490 Knowledge & Scepticism
PHIL20570 Philosophy & Literature
PHIL20640 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL20710 Body, Mind, World
PHPS10010 Student Health & Wellbeing
PHTY20090 Introduction to Massage
PHTY20250 Tai Chi Sport&Health II:Qigong
PHTY20260 Mindfulness for Health
PHTY20280 Born to Run
PHYC10050 Astronomy & Space Science
PHYC10200 Conceptual Physics
PLAN20040 Urban & Regional Economics
POL10120 Found in Global Dev
POL20060 Law, Politics and Human Rights
POL20250 Irish Politics
POL20260 Intro to Chinese Politics
PORT10090 Film and Fiction
PSY10040 Psychology of Perception
PSY10050 Introduction to Psychology
PSY10060 Brain and Behaviour
PSY10080 Intro to Social Psychology
PSY10090 Intro to Applied Psychology
PSY20110 Health Psychology
PSY20130 Intro to Work & Org Psychology
PSY20170 Clinical Psychology
PSY20180 The Science + Art of Therapy
PSY20200 Psychology for Everyday Life
RDEV20220 Agri-Food & Sust Dev Goals
RDEV30380 Knowledge Tfr for Farm Innovat
RDGY30440 Intro Med Image Analysis & ML
RDGY30570 Radiography&Culture in Europe
RDGY30750 Quality Improvement in Radiogr
SBUS30280 Business Internship Summer
SCI10040 Prepare for Your Future Career
SCI10050 Club and Sport Management
SCI20020 Intro to PM and Leadership
SCI20030 Community, Volunteering & Lead
SMGT10060 Sociology of Sport
SMGT10070 Sports Management
SMGT10220 Sports Legislation
SMGT10240 Sports Development 1
SOC10010 Foundations of Sociology
SOC10110 Sociology of Crime & Deviance
SPOL10010 Soc Pol Theories&Concepts I
SPOL10020 Contemp Irish Welfare State
SPOL20050 Economics of Social Policy
SPOL28150 Global Social Policy
SPOL28160 Enviro, Soc & Human Wellbeing
SPOL38190 Child Abuse, Sexual + Domestic
SPOL38200 Analys Health & Soc Care Pol
SPOL38270 Gender Inequality & Soc Pol
SSCI30050 Soc Sci Digi Research Skills
SSJ10020 Global Justice
SSJ10060 Inequality in Irish Society
SSJ10070 Exploring Gender
SSJ20110 Gender, Power & Politics
SSJ20150 Political economy & SJ
SSJ20160 Race & Racism
SSJ30070 Gender War and Violence
SSJ30080 Masculinities
SSJ38240 Childhood & Global Justice
STAT10010 Research Methods
STAT10050 Practical Statistics
STAT10060 Statistical Modelling
STAT10430 Statistics with Python
STAT20070 Data Modelling for Science
STAT20100 Inferential Statistics
VET20180 Introduction to one health