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Last updated 18 August 2021.

Module CodeModule Title
ACC10060 Acc for non-Business students
ARCH10050 Introduction to the archaeology of Ireland
ARCH10150 Anthropology: an introduction
ARCH10160 The human past
ARCH30170 Combat Archaeology
BIOL10070 Biology for the Modern World
BMGT10160 Global Marketplace
COMP20090 Intro. to Cognitive Science
CPSC30050 Organic Agriculture
CRWT20010 Intro to Creative Writing
CRWT30030 Travel Writing
DSCY10010 Global Development Goals
DSCY10020 Science revolutions
DSCY10040 Childhood
DSCY10050 War: Ancient and modern
DSCY10060 Energy Climate Change & Policy
DSCY10070 Materials in Society
DSCY10080 Gateways to Japan
DSCY10090 The Art of Living Well
DSCY10100 Storytelling
DSCY10120 Contagion & Control
DSCY10130 Understanding Homelessness
DSCY10140 The Human Body
ECON10040 Economics and Society
ECON10720 Microeconomics for Business
ECON10770 Introduction to Economics
ECON20040 Statistics for Economists
EDUC10170 Human Learning
ENG10020 Children's Literature
FDSC10010 Food Diet and Health
FDSC20110 Food Diet and Health II
FDSC20230 Intro. Human Eating Behaviour
FR10060 French Grammar & Comprehension
FR10070 French Grammar & Expression
FR10140 Paris
FR40390 Reading French for Research
GEOG10100 People, Places, Regions
GEOL10040 Earth, Environment and Society
GEOL10050 Earth and Humanity
GEOL10060 Introduction to Earth Sciences
GEOL20110 Global Environmental Change
GEOL20230 History of life on Earth
GEOL20240 Medical Geology
GER10010 German Language I a
GER10020 German Language I b
GER10100 German Beginners A
GER10110 German Beginners B
GER10120 Spoken German for Beginners
GER10140 Reading German Literature
HIS20780 History of Science
HNUT30010 Food Diet and Health III
IA20010 Creativity & Innovation
IA20100 Innovation for Sustainability
IA20160 Creativity & Innovation (OL)
ITAL10020 Italian Language I a
ITAL10030 Italian Language I b
ITAL10100 Italian Language I NonBeginner
LANG10010 Italian Gen Purp 1
LANG10070 Italian Gen Purp 2
LANG10100 German Gen Purp 1
LANG10170 French Gen Purp 1
LANG10210 Japanese L & C 1
LANG10230 Spanish Gen Purp 1
LANG10260 Spanish Gen Purp 2
LANG10640 Irish Sign Language 1
LANG20040 French Gen Purp 5
LANG20440 French for General Purposes 4
LSOC10010 Making the Irish landscape
MUS20090 UCD Philharmonic Choir 1
MUS20180 UCD Philharmonic Choir 2
MUS20200 UCD Symphony Orchestra 1
MUS20230 UCD Symphony Orchestra 2
NMHS10100 Health across the Lifespan
NMHS32480 Introduct to Health Systems
PERS10020 Fundamentals of S & C Online
PERS20030 Sort your life out and thrive
PHIL10040 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL10160 Critical Thinking
PHYC10050 Astronomy & Space Science
PHYC10200 Conceptual Physics
PSY10050 Introduction to Psychology
PSY20200 Psychology for Everyday Life
SCI10040 Prepare for Your Future Career
SCI10050 Club and Sport Management
SCI20020 Intro to PM and Leadership
SPAN10010 Spanish Language I a
SPAN10110 Reading Hispanic Texts
SPAN10130 Hispanic Cultures & Societies
SPAN10140 Intensive ab initio Spanish Ia
SSJ20150 Political economy & SJ
SSJ20160 Race & Racism
SSJ38240 Childhood & Global Justice
STAT10010 Research Methods
STAT10050 Practical Statistics
STAT20070 Data Modelling for Science