Global History

What is this Structured Elective about?
The aspects of Global history covered on this Structured Elective include: the rise of Islam and the interaction of the Christian and Muslim worlds; the discovery of new continents and the development of European Empires in Africa, Asia and the Americas; religious change from the Reformation through the Enlightenment to modern world; the ideology and incidence of Revolution; the Industrial Revolution; the two World Wars and the Cold War; migration, assimilation and the growth of multiculturalism.

Why should I take this Structured Elective?
This structured elective is aimed at 'General Elective' students with an interest in History who wish to broaden and complement their on-going core programme studies. The provision of structured electives allows students to focus their academic choice through study of a coherent block of modules focusing on a specific historical theme. Global History has proven to be a particularly popular choice for general elective students as an area of historical study.

How would this Structured Elective benefit me?
This Structured Elective in Global History will offer students the opportunity to learn about the historical and methodological frameworks through which they can attain a greater understanding of political, social, economic and cultural change over a wide time continuum.

How do I take the modules in this Structured Elective?
Students who will complete at least 15 ECTS credits of specified modules will qualify for elective specialization. The start date of this is September 2017/18.

Any 3 from: DSCY 10050
HIS 10070
HIS 10080
HIS 20460
HIS 20560
HIS 20670
HIS 20950
HIS 21070
HIS 21080
HIS 20470
HIS 21190
HIS 21170
HIS 20820
HIS 21200
HIS 21210
War: Ancient and modern
Modern Europe: 1500-2000
Rome to Renaissance
Islam and Christianity in the Middle Ages
International History 1914-1991
The French Revolution
Early Modern Europe, 1450-1800
Australian History
British Empire, 1495-1945
Modern America
History of Irish Americans
The Making of the Middle East
Nazi Germany
Colonising a Continent: The first 150 years of Europeans in Australia
Modern China Since 1600