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Hispanic Culture

What is this Structured Elective about? 

This structured elective is aimed at students who are keen to continue their studies in Hispanic cultures beyond the path of structured language learning. Therefore, rather than focusing on the compulsory core language modules of the degree programme in Spanish, this elective will allow students to explore modules in literature, culture, and Hispanic societies, with the option of a module on Oral Communication. This elective offers students the opportunity to explore Hispanic culture through a variety of media (film, poetry, prose, theatre) and in a variety of contexts.

Why should I take this Structured Elective?

If you have a keen interest in the culture of Spain and Latin America that you would like to develop at university level in a flexible, yet accredited way then this Structured Elective may be the right choice for you. A Structured Elective in Hispanic Cultures will give you a more global perspective on world affairs and cultural production, making for well-rounded graduates with both practical skills and global knowledge.

How would this Structured Elective benefit me?

On completion of this structured elective, you will gain familiarity with a range of social, political, and cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America. It will expose you to the Spanish language in written and aural form, allowing you to develop your language skills in an informal manner. You will also be encouraged to hone your critical thinking skills by engaging critically with cultural production in another language beyond simply attempting to understand it.

How do I take the modules in this Structured Elective?

  • In order to earn this Structured Elective you must take the specified modules in or after2020/2021
  • To receive this Structured Elective you must take the required modules as Elective modules and not as Core or Option modules.
  • You do not need to register for this Structured Elective in advance, it will be awarded when you complete 15 credits during your studies.
  • If you have completed at least 15 credits from the set of specified electives you will then have an Elective Specialisation in the subject noted on your official transcript.
  • There is no guarantee that it will be possible to take 15 credits from the set. This will depend on availability of places and on timetable exigencies.
  • Students should take at least 1 of SPAN10130, SPAN10110 or SPAN10090 before registering to SPAN20200, SPAN20240 or SPAN20190.
Select Module Title Credits
3 from SPAN 10130 Hispanic Cultures and Societies 5
  SPAN 10110 Reading Hispanic Texts 5
  SPAN 10090 Comunicación Oral 5
  SPAN 20200 The Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar 5
  SPAN 20240 Latin American Culture I 5
  SPAN 20190 Spanish Poetry 1 5

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