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Image Processing

What is this Structured Elective about?

This Structured Elective provides an introduction to computer programming, databases, and information systems before culminating with an image analysis module which will provide hands-on exposure to the analysis of medical/radiological images. This Structured Elective is open to students from any programme (subject to any module incompatibilities).

Why should I take this Structured Elective?

You should take this Structured Elective in Image Processing if you have an interest in computers, computer vision, 2D and 3D graphics, medical imaging and radiology. The Structured Elective in Image Processing will lead to the development of hands-on image analysis/image processing skills using MATLAB. It is suitable for students from any background.

How would this Structured Elective benefit me?

Completion of the Image Processing Structured Elective:

  • will be highlighted on your academic transcript
  • may identify future education, research or career options
  • provide further opportunities to participate in medical imaging research at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

How do I take the modules in this Structured Elective?

  • In order to earn this Structured Elective you must take the specified modules in or after2017/18.
  • To receive this Structured Elective you must take the required modules as Elective modules and not as Core or Option modules.
  • You do not need to register for this Structured Elective in advance, it will be awarded when you complete 15 credits during your studies.
  • No guarantee is given to you that it will be possible to take 15 credits from the outset, this will depend on module places being available and on the exigencies of the timetable.
Select Module Title Credits
Choose two modules from: COMP 10010
COMP 10020
COMP 10060
COMP 20070
Introduction to Programming I
Introduction to Programming II
Computer Science for Engineers I
Databases and Information Systems I
  RDGY 30440 Introduction to Image analysis in MATLAB (core to this Structured Elective) 5

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