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What is this Structured Elective about?
This Structured Elective sequence comprises a minimum of three modules in the Spanish language. There are two possible pathways: beginners and non-beginners. The beginners pathway allows students to start Spanish from scratch and to progress to an intermediate level of proficiency in spoken and written Spanish (ca. B1 of the (opens in a new window)Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning). The non-beginners pathway aims to foster a level of competence needed to function effectively in general working environments or to follow non-specialised programmes of study in a Spanish-speaking country (ca. B2+ to C1 of the CEFR). Both pathways are intensive and require a significant amount of autonomous learning.

Why should I take this Structured Elective Sequence?
This structured elective sequence is suitable for those who wish to develop a command of all basic and some advanced grammatical structures and to build their vocabulary and range of expression. It aims to develop competence in understanding a variety of text types and to train both oral and written communication. Proficiency builds incrementally across the three levels, with level 3 modules requiring the highest degree of competence.
The beginners pathway is suitable for students who wish to attain intermediate competence, which will allow for everyday interactions orally and in writing and will provide the foundations for continuing with the language later on.
The non-beginners pathway allows students to develop beyond the intermediate level and is particularly suitable for those students hoping to spend an Erasmus year abroad at a Spanish-speaking host institution, to apply for the ELA teaching assistant scheme in a Spanish-speaking country or to pursue internship or training opportunities abroad. This Structured Elective sequence is not suitable for those wishing to learn Spanish for special purposes or for more casual needs such as travel or personal communications.

How do I take the modules in this Structured Elective?

  • Important: In order to earn a structured elective in a language offered by the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, you must take at least 15 credits worth of specified modules (see below for further details). Please note that modules taken prior to the academic year 2013/14 are not recognised for this Structured Elective.
  • To receive a Structured Elective you must take the required modules as Elective modules and not as Core or Option modules.
  • You do not need to register for this Structured Elective in advance, it will be awarded when you complete 15 credits during your studies.
  • If you have completed at least 15 credits from the set of specified electives you will then have the Structured Elective in the subject noted on your official transcript.
  • There is no guarantee that it will be possible to take 15 credits from the set. This will depend on availability of places and on timetable emergencies. The School will facilitate module places for Structured Elective Students where possible, email (opens in a new window)slcl@ucd.ie for more info.
  • Modules must be completed in sequence
  • Students who are complete beginners must start with SPAN 10140 Intensive ab initio Spanish Ia.
  • Students who wish to begin at a post-Leaving Certificate or equivalent level should take at least SPAN 10050 Spanish Language Ib before proceeding to level 2.
  • Students who have prior experience in Spanish, but who have not attained Leaving Certificate (Higher) level or equivalent (B1), must contact the Head of Spanish to arrange for a short interview and/or placement test.
  • Students who have attained B1+ level and who wish to begin at level 2 must contact the Head of Spanish to arrange for a short interview and/or placement test.
  • Modules must normally be completed in sequence. If you are in any doubt please contact the Head of Spanish for advice. 
Select Module Title Credits
3 from: SPAN10010 or SPAN10140
SPAN10050 or SPAN10150
SPAN20080 or SPAN20230

Spanish Language I a or Intensive ab initio Spanish Ia
Spanish Language I b or Intensive ab initio Spanish Ib
Spanish Language II a or Spanish ex ab-initio IIa
Spanish Language II b
Spanish Language III a
Spanish Language III b

Module listing updated July 202

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