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Junkai Feng

Stage 2, Automotive Engineering
I love to share my experience of CDIC. What I enjoy the most is the possibility of studying English in college and making good progress with it. I feel we can enrich our school life by participating in after school activities such as seminars, discussions, music concerts, and watching movies together. I like my foreign teacher very much. I enjoy their sense of humour and find their classes very interesting. I feel the atmosphere is great during the class and after school. 
My father is an engineer and he encouraged me to choose Automotive Engineering as my major. to continue my study. I haven't decided about my future job yet, but I will choose something that is most enjoyable for me.

20级车辆 母瑜林

Yulin Mu


CDIC is a melting pot of cultures in Chang'an University. At my first year of CDIC, I truly felt the difference of the cultures and it also changed my worldview. Thank you CDIC for making my university life so wonderful, letting me obtain like-minded friendship, feeling the satisfaction of acquiring new knowledge and the joy of working hard and sweating. Wish us a more happy and wonderful time at CDIC in the future.

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