Vibration Based Condition Monitoring: A Review


"Vibration Based Condition Monitoring: A Review" by Carden and Fanning from the UCD School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering is the most cited paper in Structural Health Monitoring (An International Journal) since it started in 2002. It's also the 5 highest in terms of papers read. More info in .

Abstract: Vibration based condition monitoring refers to the use of in situ non-destructive sensing and analysis of system characteristics –in the time, frequency or modal domains –for the purpose of detecting changes, which may indicate damage or degradation. In the field of civil engineering, monitoring systems have the potential to facilitate the more economical management and maintenance of modern infrastructure. This paper reviews the state of the art in vibration based condition monitoring with particular emphasis on structural engineering applications.

Structural Health Monitoring (An International Journal) by SAGE Journals has a 5 year impact factor of 2.289, a 2012 factor of 1.614 and claims to be number 16 of 90 in terms of Engineering. There have been 4 issues per annum since 2002.