Pathways to Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and Master of Engineering (ME)

Having completed Stages One and Two you’ll reach a decision point at the end of Stage Three.  You can continue your studies to the Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or consider one of our Master of Engineering (ME) degrees. Additionally, there is an exit point at the end of Stage Three for students who do not wish to progress their studies in Engineering in UCD, the BSc (Engineering Science) Honours Degree.

Option 1 – Continue in BE programme (see diagram above)

If you do not wish to pursue your studies to ME level and wish to remain in the BE programme, please choose this option.It is what you have been working towards and you have already chosen modules to prepare for this specialisation. There is no GPA progression requirement.  However, you need to complete Stage One, Two and Three successfully. Please note, if you do not choose any option, we will assume you wish to remain registered to the BE degree and we will progress you to Stage Four accordingly.  

Option 2 – Transfer to Stage 4 Engineering Science (equivalent to year 1 of ME programme) - (see diagram above)

If you wish to progress your studies to ME level in UCD Engineering, choose this option. The Engineering Science degree is not a professional engineering qualification, so this option only makes sense if you wish to pursue your studies to an ME degree in UCD.  This is only possible if you meet the GPA requirement: minimum 2.80 over stages 2 and 3, weighted by a factor of 3 (for Stage 2) and a factor of 7 (for Stage 3). If you select this option, and do not meet the requirement, option 1 will apply.

You will be progressed to your chosen Engineering Science Stream (this corresponds to the first 60 credits of your preferred ME Programme).  On completion of this fourth Stage, you would be awarded the BSc (Engineering Science) Degree, with honours based on your grades in stages 2 and 3.  You could then enter the ME Programme, where your prior learning in Stage 4 Engineering Science (60 credits) would allow the ME degree to be earned with a further 60 credits, which should be possible in one academic year.  Tuition fees will apply to the ME Programme. Further information about fees can be found here.

Option 3 – EXIT POINT - Graduate with Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree - BSc (Engineering Science) – 180 ECTS credits - (see diagram above)

If you have earned 180 credits at appropriate levels, you could graduate with a BSc (Engineering Science).  This could allow you to enter the workforce (but not as a professional engineer), to pursue further study in another field, or to pursue a higher-level qualification in Engineering elsewhere in Europe.

How do you make your decision?

The progression pathways for students entering Stage Four will be collated via a survey through a Google Form. An email with a link to the form will be sent to students on Friday, 27th of March with a cut-off date of the 9th April for completion of the survey.

Stage Three Presentations regarding pathways to BE / ME 2019/2020

Schedule of Presentations

Schedule of Presentations 2020