University College Dublin (UCD) is a community of students and staff where scholarship and personal development are fostered, leadership cultivated, innovation encouraged and social conscience developed. Our University provides a very broad and exciting range of opportunities for students from all backgrounds, and staff and students have a responsibility to engage, participate and respect the services and facilities provided. Central to the aims and values of our University is respect and fairness, and every member of our community is required to uphold these values in all dealings with each other.

The UCD Student Charter summarises our aspirations and expectations for all members of our University community. It sets out the roles and responsibilities of the various groups within our university and outlines what students can expect from their university and what the university can expect from its student members.

In order to build and maintain a positive and encouraging academic environment, UCD has regulations, codes and policies. Students and staff should be familiar with and abide by these regulations and procedures. In particular, students must be familiar with the UCD Student Code, which sets out the procedures for managing breaches of good behaviour.

The UCD Student Charter should be read in conjunction with these regulations, codes and policies.