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What is this Structured Elective about?
Over the course of three years, this elective will take students from beginners’ level in Portuguese language to upper intermediate level. In addition to language skills, including speaking, reading, writing and listening skills, students will be introduced to various aspects of Lusophone culture. Students will learn about how this small nation once ruled over a vast empire and the contemporary fall-out from their colonial past. Furthermore, students will be guided through the turbulent twentieth century dictatorship that lasted over forty years until the people rose up to overthrow the regime in 1974. Students will emerge from this elective equipped with knowledge that will open the gateways to Portugal, Brazil, many African countries and Asia.

Why should I take this Structured Elective?
Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world and Portugal has the oldest untouched borders in Europe. Having completed this Structured Elective, students will be equipped with the cultural knowledge and the ability to communicate not only in Portugal but in Brazil, Angola, Timor – Leste, Mozambique and other countries.

How would this Structured Elective benefit me?
Graduates with Portuguese language skills are currently sought after due to the increasing Brazilian population in Ireland and increasing business ties with Brazil. Furthermore, as a Romance language, students with existing knowledge of French or Spanish are in a good position to adapt to learning this new language. The school also offers Erasmus exchanges to Porto, Coimbra and Rio de Janeiro.

How do I take the modules in this Structured Elective?

  • In order to earn this Structured Elective you must take the specified modules in or after 2013/14.
  • To receive this Structured Elective you must take the required modules as Elective modules and not as Core or Option modules.
  • You do not need to register for this Structured Elective in advance, it will be awarded when you complete 15 credits during your studies.
  • The Structured Elective consists of ten language credits per year plus one content module worth five credits.
  • In order to progress, students must take the language modules in order (1a before 1b etc.).
  • There are modules available on oral communication and Lusophone history and culture.
Select Module Title Credits
3 from: LANG10670
Portuguese General Purposes 1
Portuguese General Purposes 2
Portuguese Language IIa
Portuguese Language IIb
Portuguese Language IIIa
Portuguese Language IIIb

Module listing updated July 2022

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