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Constructed wetlands: from waste to oasis

Friday, 1 December, 2023

“The impact will be to make wastewater treatment more integrated into the urban environment, while re-using the water industrial by-product and ensuring that human populations have clean drinking water.”

In the final instalment of this researcher case studies series we look at Professor Yaqian Zhao of the UCD School of Civil Engineering.

Wastewater treatment systems are not always pleasant to look at. But what if they could be aesthetically pleasing and offer the public a space for recreation and enjoyment as they carry out the necessary work of removing impurities from the water supply?

Dr Yaqian Zhao is a world leader in constructing artificial wetlands to do just that. His group has not only developed and tested an approach that re-uses waste products to build wetlands that clean water themselves, they have also devised an approach to generate electricity from wetland activity. Dr Zhao has been recognised internationally for his pioneering contributions to the field.

You can read his full case study here: Constructed wetlands: from waste to oasis

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