Official Documents FAQs

FAQs about electronic documents

How do I access my electronic documents?
Who has access to electronic documents?
How can a third party verify my electronic documents?
How secure are the electronic documents?
How do I send my UCD documents to WES?
Why can't I find my degree parchment in SISWeb?

FAQs about hard copy documents

What is secure paper?
Why does UCD use secure paper?
When was secure paper introduced?
What are the security features of secure paper?
How long does it take for requests for hard copies to be processed?
Can I visit the Student Desk to get my hard copy documents on the spot?
Can I collect my documents instead of having them posted?
Where can I get a copy of my degree parchment?
I require my documents to be in a University sealed envelope, is this possible?
Can UCD send my hard copy documents directly to a third party?
I have a form that I need filled in and sent with my official documents, where do I send this?
I need a letter with additional information than the information included in my official documents
I need copies of my curriculum information/ module descriptors sent with my documents
What postage methods are available?
I ordered documentation and am still waiting on it, who do I contact?
How do I get my documents authenticated/apostilled?
How do I submit hard copies of my UCD documents to WES

FAQs for Third Parties

How do I verify the electronic pdf document I received from a student?
How secure are UCD's electronic documents?

Important data protection information for document recipients:

UCD provides this online verification mechanism to enable third parties to authenticate UCD documents which students have chosen to publish. Please note that the student retains the right to disable verification of their documents at any time. Please note that you are obliged, under the data protection act 1988 and the data protection amendment act 2003, to keep these documents and their contents secure from unauthorised access, disclosure, destruction or accidental loss. Access to this data is intended for verification purposes only and should not be used for any other function.

UCD treats the fraudulent duplication or amendment of its official documents as a serious offence. Any such action will be considered a breach of UCD Regulations and will trigger disciplinary procedures. Such matters may also constitute a criminal offence and, as such, are liable to be reported to An Garda Síochána.