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Freshers Guide

  • Orientation for Stage 1 undergraduates Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th September 2023.
  • (opens in a new window)UCD Global will also be coordinating a series of social & cultural events for new international students which will be designed to assist & support new international students commencing their studies at UCD.
  • For detailed information on Orientation Week, check out the New Students site

Certificate of Attendance verifies the years you are registered at UCD. It states your name, programme title, duration of programme, registration status & stage.

It is accepted by all Irish banks & most other institutions in Ireland, Europe, & the rest of the world.

To access your Certificate of Attendance follow the steps below:

  • Log into SISWeb
  • Go to the Registration, Fees, and Assessment 
  • My Official Documents
  • Electronic Documents

Documents from SISWeb can be verified by a third party through UCD's online verification system. Before you give your Certificate of Attendance from SISWeb to any third party, ensure that you 'enable' the document by clicking the 'enable access' button as this will allow the verification process to work properly.

Online via (opens in a new window)SISWeb: this is the easiest & fastest way to pay your fees.

> Registration, Fees & Assessment
> Programme Fees & Payment

Enter the amount that you would like to pay in the "make payment" field.  Please note that there is a limit of €1,500 per transaction when making a payment on (opens in a new window)SISWeb.

Further information on how to pay is available on the Fees Website.

There are 3 steps to getting your student UCard:

1. Upload a photo via SISWeb > My Profile > Upload Photo.  Photo size must be 50KB or smaller ((opens in a new window)Pic resize here).

2. Confirm your registration via SISWeb > My Registration & click Confirm. If you are not given the option to confirm AskUs.

3. Wait for an email from UCard, they will inform you of the date & time you can collect your UCard. Students must collect their cards in person - bring BOTH of the following:

  •  Certificate of Attendance from SISWeb
  •  Photo ID (e.g. passport)

Check out the Student UCard page for more info.

We can stamp a wide variety of forms.  Some of the most common forms that we're asked to stamp are:

  • Child Benefit forms
  • Job Seekers forms
  • Medical Card forms
  • J1 forms

If the form that needs to be stamped is only to confirm your attendance/enrollment in UCD, use the Certificate of Attendance available on SISWeb. If you can't use your Certificate of Attendance submit the form via Student Desk Connector

UCD stamps all forms digitally. Please submit forms via the Student Desk Connector as follows:

  1. Select 'What is the nature of your query'
  2. Select 'I would like to submit documentation (form stamping, grant letter)'
  3. Attach form
  4. Ensure that you have filled in all of the sections which require your personal details

To log into SISWeb, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Your username is your UCD student number (CAO number). If you can not remember your student number, please Ask Us.

If you have never changed your password it will be your 6-digit date of birth in the format DDMMYY. If you are not able to log into SISWeb using your 6-digit date of birth, please use the (opens in a new window)Password Self-Service option to reset it.

Check out this Student IT Guide

If you have never changed your password, it will be your 6-digit date of birth in the format DDMMYY.

However, for security reasons, you will be required to eventually change this password. You can log into SISWeb 20 times using your 6-digit date of birth as your password after which it will expire & you must create a new one.

Current students can reset their password at any time by using the (opens in a new window)Password Self-Service tool.

If you wish to discuss any issues in relation to your studies or you have any additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Student Adviser.  

Every academic programme at UCD has a dedicated Student Adviser who offers students time & space to explore issues of concern to them throughout their time at UCD.  Student Advisers work closely with academic and administrative staff as well as with the other student support staff to ensure that each student’s experience at UCD is as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. 

Student Advisers will support you throughout your university experience. They can advise you on the range of supports offered by UCD. There are specific Student Advisers for mature & postgraduate students. You can contact them in relation to personal, social, or practical issues.

  • Payment of the SUSI grant each year is dependent on progression (min of 50 credits per stage). If you are a student who is repeating a year on the same course then you are not eligible for a grant.
  • When registering for modules at the start of the year ensure you seek advice from both your college office & Student Desk if you plan to register for a lesser/greater credit load or plan to take a leave of absence, as this may affect your grant. The reason for this is that SUSI will only pay for a stage once, so it is important that you register for the maximum credits each year. It is possible to drop a module/s at a later time (after the week 8 deadline) & receive a WN grade, this ensures that you are not liable for any module charges when you sit the dropped module/s at a later date.
  • If you do not progress a stage you would be eligible for the grant if you mid-year progress by reaching 50 credits (this happens in Feb of each academic year). It is important to note, that your grant will be frozen until you pass 50 credits (this includes maintenance payments).
  • If you register for more than 60 credits per year you would be liable for a €250 Student Contribution charge per 5 credit module.
  • If you are awarded an IX grade, due to extenuating circumstances, you have the opportunity to remediate (complete) the module/s at the next available opportunity with no additional charge. 
  • Grants are applied to your fee account in Oct so you do not have to make any payment by the Sept fee installment deadline.
  • Your grant does not cover the Student Centre Levy of €254.

Contact the Student Desk

Ground Floor, Tierney Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 1555 | Location Map(opens in a new window)