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UCD Centre for Economic Research 1996 Papers

WP96/01 Kevin O'Rourke and Cormac Ó Gráda "Migration as Disaster Relief: Lessons from The Great Irish Famine" January 1996
WP96/02 Brendan Walsh: “Some Economic Implications of the Ageing Irish Population” January 1996
WP96/03 J Peter Neary: “Theoretical Foundations of the Geary Method for International Comparisons of Purchasing Power and Real Incomes” January 1996
WP96/04 Frank Barry: “The Analytics of Regional and Small-Open-Economy Macromodels with Applications to Ireland and Scotland.” February 1996
WP96/05 Morgan Kelly: “Do Noise Traders Influence Stock Prices?” March 1996
WP96/06 Morgan Kelly: “Human Capital in Exogenous and Endogenous Growth”. March 1996
WP96/07 Steven Durlauf and Morgan Kelly: “Thresholds in Development and Growth” March 1996
WP96/08 Morgan Kelly and Anya Hageman: “Marshallian Externalities in Innovation and Growth”.March.1996
WP96/09 Morgan Kelly: “The Dynamics of Smithian Growth”. March. 1996
WP96/10 Brendan Walsh: “The Real Exchange Rate, Fiscal Policy and the Current Account: Interpreting Recent Irish Experience.” March 1996
WP96/11 Joe Durkan and Colm Harmon: “Social Consensus, Income Policies and Unemployment”. March 1996.
WP96/12 Frank Barry and Michael Devereux: “Expansionary Fiscal Contraction in an Overlapping Generations Economy”. May 1996
WP96/13 Andrés Eiríksson and Cormac Ó Gráda: “Irish Landlords and the Great Irish Famine” June 1996
WP96/14 Frank Barry and Aoife Hannan: "Distorted Labour Markets and Revealed Comparative Advantage: A Note on the Single Market and the EU Periphery." June 1996
(opens in a new window)WP96/15 David Madden: “Sources of Income Inequality in Ireland”. June 1996
WP96/16 Joseph Durkan, Colm Harmon, and Jenny Hughes: “Health Services Utilisation in Britain - An Empirical Analysis Using Microdata”. July 1996
WP96/17 Colm Harmon and Jenny Hughes: “The Impact of Health and Disability on Labour Supply and Earnings - Panel Study Evidence from Britain”. July 1996
WP96/18 Frank Barry and Aoife Hannan: “Education, Industrial Change and Unemployment in Ireland” July 1996
WP96/19 Frank Barry and Aoife Hannan: “On Comparative and Absolute Advantage: FDI and the Sectoral and Spatial Effects of Market Integration” August 1996
WP96/20 Colm Harmon and Ian Walker. “The Marginal and Average Returns to Schooling” September 1996
WP96/21 Lisa Finneran and Morgan Kelly. “Labour Market Networks, Underclasses, and Inequality”. September 1996
(opens in a new window)WP96/22 J. Peter Neary. “A True Multilateral Indexes For International Comparisons Of Purchasing Power And Real Income”. October 1996
WP96/23 Joe Durkan. The Relationship Between Tax Rates, Grant Rates And Local Costs In The Location Decisions Of Multinationals. October 1996
WP96/24 J. Peter Neary and D. Rodney Thom: “Punts, Pounds and Euros: In Search of an Optimum Currency Area”. October 1996
WP96/25 Cormac Ó Gráda. “On Some Demographic Aspects Of The Great Famine” October 1996
WP96/26 Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley. “EMU: An Outsider’s Perspective”. October 1996

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