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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2021 Papers

WP21/01  Kevin Devereux: 'Returns to Teamwork and Professional Networks: Evidence from Economic Research' January 2021
WP21/02  K Peren Arin, Kevin Devereux and Mieszko Mazur: 'Taxes and Firm Investment' January 2021
WP21/03  Judith M Delaney and Paul J Devereux: 'Gender and Educational Achievement: Stylized Facts and Causal Evidence' January 2021
WP21/04  Pierluigi Conzo, Laura K Taylor, Juan S Morales, Margaret Samahita and Andrea Gallice: 'Can ♥s Change Minds? Social Media Endorsements and Policy Preferences' February 2021
WP21/05  Diane Pelly, Michael Daly, Liam Delaney and Orla Doyle: 'Worker Well-being Before and During the COVID-19 Restrictions: A Longitudinal Study in the UK' February 2021
WP21/06  Margaret Samahita and Leonhard K Lades: 'The Unintended Side Effects of Regulating Charities: Donors Penalise Administrative Burden Almost as Much as Overheads' February 2021
WP21/07  Ellen Ryan and Karl Whelan: 'A Model of QE, Reserve Demand and the Money Multiplier' February 2021
WP21/08  Cormac Ó Gráda and Kevin Hjortshøj O’Rourke: 'The Irish Economy During the Century After Partition' April 2021
WP21/09  Ronald B Davies, Dieter F Kogler and Ryan Hynes: 'Patent Boxes and the Success Rate of Applications' April 2021
WP21/10  Benjamin Elsner, Ingo E Isphording and Ulf Zölitz: 'Achievement Rank Affects Performance and Major Choices in College' April 2021
WP21/11 Vincent Hogan and Patrick Massey: 'Soccer Clubs and Diminishing Returns: The Case of Paris Saint-Germain' April 2021
WP21/12  Demid Getik, Marco Islam and Margaret Samahita: 'The Inelastic Demand for Affirmative Action' May 2021
WP21/13  Emmanuel P de Albuquerque: 'The Creation and Diffusion of Knowledge - an Agent Based Modelling Approach' May 2021
WP21/14  Tyler Anbinder, Dylan Connor, Cormac Ó Gráda and Simone Wegge: 'The Problem of False Positives in Automated Census Linking: Evidence from Nineteenth-Century New York's Irish Immigrants' June 2021
WP21/15 Morgan Kelly: 'Devotion or Deprivation: Did Catholicism Retard French Development?' June 2021
WP21/16 Bénédicte Apouey and David Madden: 'Health Poverty' July 2021
WP21/17  David Madden: 'The Dynamics of Multidimensional Poverty in a Cohort of Irish Children' August 2021
WP21/18 Vessela Daskalova and Nicolaas J Vriend: 'Learning Frames' August 2021
WP21/19  Sanghamitra Chattopadhyay Mukherjee: 'A Framework to Measure Regional Disparities in Battery Electric Vehicle Diffusion in Ireland' August 2021
WP21/20 Karl Whelan: 'Central Banks and Inflation: Where Do We Stand and How Did We Get Here?' August 2021
WP21/21  Tyler Anbinder, Cormac Ó Gráda and Simone Wegge: '“The Best Country in the World”: The Surprising Social Mobility of New York’s Irish Famine Immigrants' August 2021
WP21/22  Jane Dooley and David Madden: 'Ireland’s Post Crisis Recovery, 2012-2019: Was It Pro-Poor?' September 2021
WP21/23 Matthew Shannon: 'The Impact of Victimisation on Subjective Well-Being' September 2021
WP21/24 Morgan Kelly: 'Persistence, Randomization, and Spatial Noise' October 2021 (For revised version of this paper see WP21/25)
WP21/25 Morgan Kelly: 'Persistence, Randomization, and Spatial Noise' November 2021
WP21/26 Eliane Badaoui and Frank Walsh: 'Productivity, Non-Compliance and the Minimum Wage' November 2021
WP21/27  Annette Broocks and Zuzanna Studnicka: 'Gravity and Trade in Video on Demand Services' December 2021
WP21/28  Linda Mastrandrea: 'Linking Retail Electricity Pricing and the Decarbonisation of the Energy Sector: a Microeconomic Approach' December 2021

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