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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2020 Papers

WP20/01  Cormac Ó Gráda: 'Economic History: ‘An Isthmus Joining Two Great Continents’?' January 2020
WP20/02  Margaret Samahita and Håkan J Holm: 'Mining for Mood Effect in the Field' January 2020
WP20/03  Vincent Hogan and Patrick Massey: 'Professional Rugby on the Celtic Fringe' January 2020
WP20/04 Sanghamitra Mukherjee, Séin Healy, Tensay Meles, Lisa Ryan, Robert Mooney, Lindsay Sharpe and Paul Hayes: 'Renewable Energy Technology Uptake: Public Preferences and Policy Design in Early Adoption' February 2020 (For revised version of this paper see WP20/26)
WP20/05  Ronald B Davies and James R Markusen: 'The Structure of Multinational Firms' International Activities' February 2020
WP20/06 Morgan Kelly: 'Direct Standard Errors for Regressions with Spatially Autocorrelated Residuals' March 2020
WP20/07  Anna Bayona and Oana Peia: 'Financial Contagion and the Wealth Effect: An Experimental Study' March 2020
WP20/08  Orla Doyle: 'Can Early Intervention have a Sustained Effect on Human Capital?' April 2020
WP20/09  Supriya Kapoor and Oana Peia: 'The Impact of Quantitative Easing on Liquidity Creation' April 2020
WP20/10 Judith M Delaney and Paul J Devereux: 'Choosing Differently? College Application Behaviour and the Persistence of Educational Advantage' May 2020
WP20/11  Jonathan Briody: 'Parental Unemployment During the Great Recession and Childhood Adiposity' May 2020
WP20/12  Tensay Meles, Lisa Ryan, and Joe Wheatley: 'COVID-19 and EU Climate Targets: Going Further with Less?' May 2020
WP20/13  Xidong Guo and Sarah Parlane: 'Addressing Private Practice in Public Hospitals' May 2020
WP20/14  Patrick Massey and Moore McDowell: 'EU Competition Law: An Unaffordable Luxury in Times of Crisis?' May 2020
WP20/15  Judith M Delaney and Paul J Devereux: 'How Gender and Prior Disadvantage predict performance in College' May 2020
WP20/16 Morgan Kelly, Joel Mokyr and Cormac Ó Gráda: 'The Mechanics of the Industrial Revolution' June 2020
WP20/17  Morgan Kelly and Cormac Ó Gráda: 'Connecting the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions: The Role of Practical Mathematics' June 2020
WP20/18 Ronald B Davies, Dieter F Kogler and Ryan Hynes: 'Patent Boxes and the Success Rate of Applications' June 2020 (For revised version of this paper see WP21/09)
WP20/19  Ronald B Davies, Yutao Han, Kate Hynes, and Yong Wang: 'Competition in Taxes and IPR' June 2020
WP20/20  David Madden: 'The Socioeconomic Gradient of Cognitive Test Scores: Evidence from Two Cohorts of Irish Children' June 2020
WP20/21  Deirdre Coy and Orla Doyle: 'Should Early Health Investments Work? Evidence from an RCT of a Home Visiting Programme' July 2020
WP20/22  Cormac Ó Gráda: 'On Plague and Ebola in a Time of COVID-19' August 2020
WP20/23 Morgan Kelly: 'Understanding Persistence' September 2020
WP20/24 Jeff Concannon and Benjamin Elsner: 'Immigration and Redistribution' September 2020
WP20/25  Diego Zambiasi: 'Drugs on the Web, Crime in the Streets - The Impact of Dark Web Marketplaces on Street Crime' September 2020
Paul Hayes, Séin Healy, Tensay Meles, Robert Mooney, Sanghamitra Mukherjee, Lisa Ryan and Lindsay Sharpe: 'Attitudes to Renewable Energy Technologies: Driving Change in Early Adopter Markets' September 2020
Sanghamitra Mukherjee: 'Boosting Renewable Energy Technology Uptake in Ireland: A Machine Learning Approach' September 2020
Ivan Petrov and Lisa Ryan: 'The Landlord-Tenant Problem and Energy Efficiency in the Residential Rental Market' October 2020
Neil Cummins and Cormac Ó Gráda: 'On the Structure of Wealth-holding in Pre-Famine Ireland' November 2020
Tensay Meles and Lisa Ryan: 'Adoption of Renewable Home Heating Systems: An Agent-Based Model of Heat Pump Systems in Ireland' December 2020
Bernardo Buarque, Ronald Davies, Ryan Hynes and Dieter Kogler: 'Hops, Skip & a Jump: The Regional Uniqueness of Beer Styles' December 2020

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