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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2009 Papers

WP09/01  Derek Bond, Michael J Harrison and Edward J O'Brien: "Exploring Long Memory and Nonlinearity in Irish Real Exchange Rates using Tests based on Semiparametric Estimation" January 2009
WP09/02 José J Escarce and Kanika Kapur: "Do Patients Bypass Rural Hospitals? Determinants of Inpatient Hospital Choice in Rural California" January 2009
WP09/03 Robert W Fairlie, Kanika Kapur and Susan Gates: "Is Employer-Based Health Insurance a Barrier to Entrepreneurship" January 2009
WP09/04 Ronald B Davies and Johannes Voget: "Tax Competition in an Expanding European Union" January 2009
WP09/05 Olivier Bargain and Prudence Kwenda: "The Informal Sector Wage Gap:New Evidence Using Quantile Estimations on Panel Data" May 2009
WP09/06 Olivier Bargain and Karina Doorley: "Caught in the Trap? The Disincentive Effect of Social Assistance" May 2009
WP09/07 Olivier Bargain: "The Distributional Effects of Tax-benefit Policies under New Labour: A Shapley Decomposition" May 2009
WP09/08 Morgan Kelly and Cormac Ó Gráda: "The Old Poor Law: Resource Constraints and Demographic Regimes" July 2009
WP09/09 Kevin J Denny: "Very Simple Marginal Effects in some Discrete Choice Models" July 2009
WP09/10 David Madden: "Distributional Characteristics for Ireland: A Note" August 2009
 WP09/11 Ivan Pastine and Tuvana Pastine: "Student Incentives and Diversity in College Admissions" September 2009
WP09/12 Ivan Pastine and Tuvana Pastine: "Caps on Political Contributions, Monetary Penalties and Politician Preferences" September 2009
 WP09/13 Ivan Pastine and Tuvana Pastine: "Comment on: Electoral Contests, Incumbency Advantages, and Campaign Finance" September 2009
 WP09/14 Karl Whelan: "Policy Lessons from Ireland's Latest Depression" October 2009
 WP09/15 Karl Whelan: "The ECB's Role in Financial Supervision" October 2009
WP09/16 Euan MacMillan: "Explaining Rising Regionalism and Failing Multilateralism: Consensus Decision-making and Expanding WTO Membership" October 2009
WP09/17 Colm McCarthy: "Ireland’s Second Fiscal Consolidation – Lessons from the Last Time" October 2009
WP09/18 Kevin Denny: "On a Dubious Theory of Cross-country Differences in Intelligence" October 2009
WP09/19 Matthew T Cole and Ronald B Davies: "Optimal Tariffs, Tariff Jumping, and Heterogeneous Firms" October 2009
  Matthew T Cole: "The Choice of Modeling Firm Heterogeneity and Trade Restrictions" October 2009
 WP09/21 Euan MacMillan: "Explaining Rising Regionalism and Failing Multilateralism: Consensus Decision-making and Expanding WTO membership" November 2009
WP09/22 Fergal McCann: "Importing, Exporting and Productivity in Irish Manufacturing" November 2009
WP09/23 Fergal McCann: "International Outsourcing's Role in International Technology Diffusion - The Irish Case" November 2009
WP09/24 Paul J Devereux and Robert A Hart: "Forced to be Rich? Returns to Compulsory Schooling in Britain" November 2009
WP09/25 Susan M Gates, Pinar Karaca-Mandic, James R Burgdorf and Kanika Kapur: 'Health Savings Accounts for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs: Shopping, Take-Up and Implementation Challenges' November 2009
WP09/26 Desmond McCabe and Cormac Ó Gráda: ‘Better off thrown behind a ditch'-Enniskillen Workhouse during the Great Famine' November 2009
WP09/27 Karl Whelan: 'Containing Systemic Risk' December 2009
WP09/28 Colm McCarthy: 'Fiscal Adjustment and Macroeconomic Re-balancing in Ireland' December 2009
WP09/29 Liam Delaney, Mark McGovern and James P Smith: 'From Angela’s Ashes to the Celtic Tiger: Early Life Conditions and Adult Health in Ireland' December 2009
 WP09/30 Olivier Bargain and Karina Doorley: ' In-work Transfers in Good Times and Bad - Simulations for Ireland' December 2009
WP09/31 Olivier Bargain, Herwig Immervoll and Heikki Viitamäki: 'No Claim, No Pain - Measuring the Non-Take-up of Social Assistance using Register Data' December 2009
WP09/32 Morgan Kelly: 'The Irish Credit Bubble' December 2009

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