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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2004 Papers

(opens in a new window)WP04/01
Jean-Michel ChevetCormac Ó Gráda:  "Grain Prices and Mortality:  A Note on La Michodière's Law" January 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/02
Timothy W Guinnane, Carolyn M Moehling and Cormac Ó Gráda:  "The Fertility of the Irish in the United States in 1910 January 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/03
Arnaud Chevalier:  "Motivation, Expectations and the Gender Pay Gap for UK Graduates February 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/04
J Peter Neary:  "Cross-Border Mergers as Instruments of Comparative Advantage"   March 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/05
Frank Barry and Declan Curran:  "Enlargement and the European Geography of the Information Technology Sector"   March 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/06
Cormac Ó Gráda:  "Irish Agriculture after the Land War"   April 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/07
Alireza Naghavi:  "The Role of Green Tariffs in Environmental Harmonization"   April 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/08
Frank Bohn:  "The Trade-off between Monetary and Fiscal Solidity: International Lenders and Political Instability "   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/09
Cormac Ó Gráda:  "Introduction to Special Issue of Food and Foodways"   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/10
Arnaud Chevalier, Peter Dolton and Ros Levacic:  "School Quality and Effectiveness"   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/11
Arnaud Chevalier and Peter Dolton:  "The Labour Market for Teachers"   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/12
Brendan Walsh:  "The Transformation of the Irish Labour Market: "   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/13
Frank Bohn  " White Elephants and the Limits to Efficient Investment"   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/14

Arnaud Chevalier:  "Parental Education and Child’s Education: A Natural Experiment"   May 2004

(opens in a new window)WP04/15

Timothy W Guinnane, Desmond McCabe and Cormac Ó Gráda:  "Agency And Famine Relief: Enniskillen Workhouse During The Great Irish Famine"   May 2004

(opens in a new window)WP04/16
Kevin Denny , Colm Harmon and Reamonn Lydon:  "An Econometric Analysis of Burglary in Ireland"   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/17
Dermot Leahy and J Peter Neary:  "Symmetric Research Joint Ventures: Cooperative Substitutes and Complements"   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/18
Dermot Leahy and J Peter Neary:  " Absorptive Capacity, R&D Spillovers, and Public Policy"   May 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/19
Luis Vaz Silva:  "Alternative Instruments for Institutional Quality and the Effect of European Settlements on Economic Development"   June 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/20
Kevin Denny and Vincent O'Sullivan:  "Can Education Compensate for Low Ability? - Evidence from British Data"   June 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/21
Kevin Denny:  "Born to be wild? The Effect of Birth Order, Families and Schools on Truancy"   July 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/22
Kevin Denny and Vincent O'Sullivan:  "The Economic Consequences of Being Left-handed:  Some Sinister Results"   July 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/23
  James E Anderson and J Peter Neary:  "Welfare versus Market Access: The Implications of Tariff Structure for Tariff Reform"  September 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/24
  Yann Ménière and Sarah Parlane:  "A Dynamic Model of Cross Licensing"  November 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/25
Cormac Ó Gráda:  "Ireland’s Great Famine: An Overview"  November 2004
(opens in a new window)WP04/26
David Madden, Anne Nolan and Brian Nolan:  "GP Reimbursement and Visiting Behaviour in Ireland"  December 2004

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