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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2022 Papers

WP22/01 Doina Caragea, Theodor Cojoianu, Mihai Dobri, Andreas Hoepner and Oana Peia 'Competition and Innovation in the Financial Sector: Evidence from
the Rise of FinTech Start-ups' January 2022
WP22/02 Sandra E Black, Paul J Devereux, Fanny Landaud and Kjell G Salvanes: 'The (Un)Importance of Inheritance' January 2022
WP22/03  Claes Ek and Margaret Samahita: 'Pessimism and Overcommitment: An Online Experiment with Tempting YouTube Content' January 2022
WP22/04  Paul J Devereux: 'Fragility of the Marginal Treatment Effect' January 2022
WP22/05  Lucie Martin, Liam Delaney and Orla Doyle: 'Everyday Administrative Burdens and Inequality' February 2022
WP22/06  Karl Whelan: 'The Past, Present and Future of Euro Area Monetary-Fiscal Interactions' February 2022
WP22/07  Constantin Bürgi and Julio L Ortiz: 'Temporal Consistency of Forecasts And Data Releases' February 2022
WP22/08 Eoin T Flaherty: 'Do Former Employees of Foreign MNEs Boost Incumbent Workers’ Wages in Domestic Firms?' February 2022
WP22/09  Annette Alstadsæter, Julie Brun Bjørkheim, Ronald B Davies and Johannes Scheuerer: 'Pennies from Haven: Wages and Profit Shifting' February 2022
WP22/10 Judith M. Delaney, Paul J. Devereux: 'Rank Effects in Education: What do we know so far?' March 2022
WP22/11 Lena Susanne Specht: 'International trade effects of student migration' March 2022
Dimitrios Bermperoglou, Yota Deli, Sarantis Kalyvitis: 'Investment Tax Incentives and Their Big Time-to-Build Fiscal Multiplier' April 2022
Tadgh Hegarty, Karl Whelan: 'The Wisdom of No Crowds: The Reaction of Betting Markets to Lockdown Soccer Games' April 2022
Manthos D. Delis, Yota D. Deli, José-Luis Peydró, Adele Whelan: 'Education and Credit: A Matthew Effect' April 2022
WP22/15 Diane Pelly: 'Worker well-being and quit intentions: is measuring job satisfaction enough?'April 2022
Kevin Devereux, Margaret Samahita: 'Gender, Productivity, and Promotion in the Irish Economics Profession' June 2022
WP22/17 Manuel E. Lago, Santiago Lago-Peñas, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez: 'On the Effects of Intergovernmental Grants: A Survey' June 2022
Judith M. Delaney, Paul J. Devereux: 'Gender Differences in STEM Persistence after Graduation' June 2022
Karl Whelan: 'Where Do We Stand With “Whatever It Takes”?' July 2022
Neil Cummins, Cormac Ó Gráda: 'The Irish in England' July 2022
Yota Deli, Manthos D. Delis, Iftekhar Hasan, Panagiotis N. Politsidis, Anthony Saunders: 'Corporate tax changes and credit costs' July 2022
Karl Whelan: 'US Taxation of GamblingWinnings and Incentives to Bet' August 2022
Karl Whelan:'Risk Aversion and Favorite-Longshot Bias in a Competitive Fixed-Odds Betting Market' August 2022
Diane Pelly, Orla Doyle: 'Nudging in the workplace: increasing participation in employee EDI wellness events' October 2022
Margaret Samahita, Kevin Devereux: 'Are economics conferences gender-neutral? Evidence from Ireland' October 2022
Michele Gubello, Nora M. Strecker: 'Weakly Progressive: Disproportionate Higher Education Attendance and the Structure of Income Taxes' November 2022
David Madden: 'Mental Health in Ireland During the Covid Pandemic: Evidence from Two Longitudinal Surveys' December 2022
Ronald B. Davies, Zuzanna Studnicka: 'Tariff Evasion, the Trade Gap, and Structural Trade' December 2022

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