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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2005 Papers

WP05/01 Frank Bohn: "Public Investment under Ethnic Diversity and Political Uncertainty" January 2005
WP05/02 Jean-Michel Chevet and Cormac Ó Gráda: "Crisis: What Crisis ? Prices and Mortality in Mid-Ninteenth Century France" February 2005
WP05/03 Franco Mariuzzo, Patrick Paul Walsh and Ciara Whelan: "Embedding Consumer Taste for Location into a Structural Model of Equilibrium" February 2005
WP05/04 J Peter Neary: " Simultaneous Reform of Tariffs and Quotas" February 2005
WP05/05 Kevin Denny: "Do teachers make better parents? - the differential performance of teachers’ children at school" March 2005
WP05/06 Frank Bohn: "Maastricht Criteria versus Stability Pact" March 2005
WP05/07 Kevin Denny and Orla Doyle: "Returns to basic skills in Central and Eastern Europe: a semi-parametric approach" April 2005
WP05/08 Franco Mariuzzo, Patrick Paul Walsh and Ciara Whelan: "Merger Control in Differentiated Product Industries" May 2005
WP05/09 Frank Barry: "Third-Level Education, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Boom in Ireland " May 2005
WP05/10 Cormac Ó Gráda: "You Take the High Road and I’ll Take the Low Road: Economic Success and Wellbeing in the Longer Run" June 2005
WP05/11 Kevin Denny and Orla Doyle: "Political Interest, Cognitive Ability and Personality: Determinants of Voter Turnout in Britain" June 2005
WP05/12 J Peter Neary: "Trade Costs and Foreign Direct Investment" August 2005
WP05/13 Morgan Kelly: "Developing Rotten Institutions" August 2005
WP05/14 Morgan Kelly: "Technological Progress under Learning by Imitation" September 2005
WP05/15 Morgan Kelly: "The Invention of Invention" September 2005
WP05/16 Cathal Clancy and David Madden: "Growth and Inequality in Ireland: 1987 - 1999" September 2005
WP05/17 Cormac Ó Gráda: "The New York Irish in the 1850s: Locked in by Poverty?" November 2005
WP05/18 Luís Vaz Silva: "Geography, European Settlements and Compared Development in the Americas" November 2005
WP05/19 Susanna Thede: "Trade Policy Formation when Geography Matters for Specialisation" November 2005
WP05/20 David Madden: "Doctors’ Fees in Ireland Following the Change in Reimbursement: Did They Jump?" November 2005
WP05/21 J Peter Neary: "Measuring Competitiveness" November 2005
WP05/22 Kevin Denny and Orla Doyle: "“…Take up thy Bed, and Vote” - Measuring the Relationship between Voting Behaviour and Indicators of Health " November 2005
WP05/23 Frank Walsh: "Efficiency Wages and Bargaining" November 2005
WP05/24 Cormac Ó Gráda:  "The Tortoise and the Hare: Economic Growth in Britain and the Netherlands c.1500-1800"  November 2005
WP05/25 Sarah Parlane:  "Auctioning Horizontally Differentiated Items"  December 2005
WP05/26 J Peter Neary and Joe Tharakan: " Endogenous Mode of Competition in General Equilibrium" December 2005

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