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UCD Centre for Economic Research 1997 Papers

WP97/01 Moore McDowell and D Rodney Thom: “The Economies of Eastern Europe, The European Union’s Frontier: Incorporation or Regime Competition”. January 1997.
WP97/02 Kevin O’Rourke: “The European Grain Invasion, 1870 - 1913". January 1997.
WP97/03 D Rodney Thom: “Economic and Monetary Union”. January 1997.
WP97/04 J Peter Neary: “A R C Geary’s Contributions to Economic Theory”. January 1997.
WP97/05 Aisling J Reynolds-Feighan: “The Impact of US Airline Deregulation on Airport Traffic Patterns.” February 1997
WP97/06 Kevin Denny and Cathal Guiomard: “Road Infrastructure and Productivity in Irish Manufacturing 1951-1994". March 1997
WP97/07 Dermot Leahy and J Peter Neary : “R & D Spillovers and The Case for Industrial Policy in an Open Economy”. March 1997.
WP97/08 Brendan Walsh and Anthony Leddin: “Economic Stabilisation, Recovery, and Growth: Ireland 1979 - 1996.” March 1997.
WP97/09 Kevin O’ Rourke: “Monetary Data and Proxy GDP Estimates: Ireland 1840 - 1921". March 1997.
(opens in a new window)WP97/10 David Madden: “A Comparison of Poverty and Welfare Measures” March 1997.
WP97/11 Rodney Thom: “Interest Rate Linkages in the Exchange Rate Mechanism: Tests for Asymmetry, German Dominance and Interest Rate Parity using Daily Data over 1990 to 1997". April 1997.
WP97/12 Cormac Ó Gráda: “The Great Irish Famine: Winners and Losers” April 1997.
WP97/13 Frank Barry and John Bradley “FDI and Trade: The Irish Host-Country Experience”. May 1997.
WP97/14 Kevin Denny: “Modelling Trade Union Membership: Open Shops and Private Goods”. May 1997.
WP97/15 William J Collins, Kevin H O’Rourke, Jeffery G Williamson: “Were Trade and Factor Mobility Substitutes in History?” May 1997.
WP97/16 Anthony Murphy and Brendan Walsh: “Unemployment, Non-Participation and Labour Market Slack among Irish Males”. June 1997.
WP97/17 Cormac Ó Gráda: “Markets and Famines: Some Evidence from India and Ireland”. June 1997.
WP97/18 Kevin O’Rourke: “Tariffs and Growth in the Late 19th Century”. July 1997.
WP97/19 J Peter Neary and Bríd Gleeson: “Comparing the Wealth of Nations: Reference Prices and Multilateral Real Income Indexes”. July 1997.
WP97/20 Frank Barry : “Dangers for Ireland of an EMU without the UK: Some Calibration Results”. August 1997.
WP97/21 Kevin J Denny, Colm P Harmon and Maurice J Roche: “The Distribution of Discrimination in Immigrant Earnings: Evidence from Britain 1974-1993" August 1997.
WP97/22 Colm P Harmon and Ian Walker “Selective Schooling, School Quality, and Labour Market Returns”. August 1997.
WP97/23 Tim Callan and Colm Harmon “The Economic Return to Schooling in Ireland” August 1997.
WP97/24 Frank Barry and Aoife Hannan: “Education, Deprivation, Hysteresis,Unemployment”. September 1997.
WP97/25 Frank Barry: ”Does EMU Make Sense for Europe?” September 1997.
WP97/26 J Peter Neary: “Pitfalls in the Theory of International Trade Policy: Concertina Reforms of Tariffs, and Subsidies to High-Technology Industries.” September 1997.
WP97/27 Dermot Leahy, Catia Montagna: “Strategic Trade Policy with Domestic Cost Asymmetries” November 1997.
WP97/28 J Peter Neary: “The EU Stability Pact and the Case for European Monetary Union”. November 1997.
WP97/29 Brendan Walsh: “Unemployment Persistence in a Small Open Labour Market: The Irish Case”. December 1997.

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