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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2006 Papers

WP06/01 Cormac Ó Gráda: "Dublin Jewish Demography a Century Ago" January 2006
WP06/02 Paul J Devereux : "Improved Errors-in-Variables Estimators for Grouped Data" January 2006
WP06/03 Frank Barry: " Foreign Direct Investment and Institutional Co-Evolution in Ireland" February 2006
WP06/04 David Madden: "Sample Selection Versus Two-Part Models Revisited: The Case of Female Smoking and Drinking" April 2006
WP06/05 Frank Bohn: " Greed, Impatience and Exchange Rate Determination" May 2006
WP06/06 Paul J Devereux "Small Sample Bias in Synthetic Cohort Models of Labor Supply" May 2006
WP06/07 Kevin Denny and Orla Doyle: "Does Voting History Matter? - Analysing Persistence in Turnout" May 2006
WP06/08 Carsten Eckel and J Peter Neary: "Multi-Product Firms and Flexible Manufacturing in the Global Economy" May 2006
WP06/09 Eric Vanhaute, Richard Paping and Cormac Ó Gráda: "The European subsistence crisis of 1845-1850: a comparative perspective" October 2006
WP06/10 Cormac Ó Gráda: "Making Famine History" October 2006
WP06/11 Kevin Denny and Orla Doyle: "Measuring the Relationship between Voter Turnout and Health in Ireland" October 2006
WP06/12 Kevin Denny: "Cognitive Ability and Hemispheric Indecision: Two Surpluses and a Deficit" November 2006

Kanika Kapur, José J Escarce, M Susan Marquis and Kosali I Simon: "Where Do the Sick Go? Health Insurance and Employment in Small and Large Firms" November 2006

WP06/14 Kanika Kapur and Jeannette Rogowski: "The Role of Health Insurance in Joint Retirement among Married Couples" November 2006
WP06/15 Vincent Hogan and Ian Walker: "Education Choice under Uncertainty: Implications for Public Policy" November 2006
WP06/16 Vincent Hogan and Hongmei Zhao: "Productivity Growth and Inflation: A Multi-Country Study" November 2006
WP06/17 Vincent Hogan and Hongmei Zhao: "Measuring the NAIRU – A Structural VAR Approach" November 2006

Colm McCarthy, Jeremiah O'Dwyer and RichardTroy: "Measuring Fuel Diversity in Power Generation" November 2006

WP06/19 Ivan Pastine and Tuvana Pastine: "Politician Preferences and Caps on Political Lobbying" November 2006
WP06/20 Ivan Pastine and Tuvana Pastine: "Signal Accuracy and Informational Cascades" November 2006
WP06/21 Ivan Pastine and Tuvana Pastine: "Social Learning in Continuous Time: When are Informational Cascades More Likely to be Inefficient?" November 2006
WP06/22 Kanika Kapur, Pinar Karaca-Mandic, Susan M Gates and Brent Fulton: "Do Small Group Health Insurance Regulations Influence Small Business Size?" November 2006
WP06/23 Kanika Kapur and Jeannette Rogowski: "Health Insurance Transitions After Retirement:
Did HIPAA Expand Coverage for Retirees?" November 2006
WP06/24 Frank Barry and Clare O'Mahony: "Making Sense of the Data on Ireland’s Inward FDI" December 2006
WP06/25 Frank Barry and Beata Topa: "The State, Venture Capital and Domestic High-Tech Start-Ups
in a Late-Developing Economy: Ireland" December 2006
WP06/26 Dermot Leahy and Stephen Pavelin: "Playing away to win at home" December 2006
WP06/27 David Madden: "Body Mass Index and the Measurement of Obesity" December 2006
WP06/28 Holger Görg, Michael Henry, Eric Strobl and Frank Walsh: "Multinational Companies, Backward Linkages and Labour Demand Elasticities" December 2006
WP06/29 Eliane Badaoui, Eric Strobl and Frank Walsh: "An Equilibrium Search Model of the Informal Sector" December 2006

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