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UCD Centre for Economic Research 1999 Papers

WP99/01 Rodney Thom: “The Structure of EU-CEE Intra-Industry Trade” January 1999
(opens in a new window)WP99/02 Vincent Hogan: “Estimating the Welfare Cost of Taxation in a Labour Market with Unemployment and Non-Participation”
WP99/03 Sandra Redmond: “Wages and Human Capital: Evidence from the Irish Data” February 1999.
WP99/04 Kevin Denny: “Asymmetric Central Bank Reaction Functions: An Application of Smooth Transition Regression.” March 1999.
WP99/05 Frank Walsh: “Labour Market Rents and Irish Industrial Policy”. March 1999.
WP99/06 Brendan M Walsh: “Labour Market Adjustment in the Irish Regions” March 1999.
(opens in a new window)WP99/07 Eric Strobl and Frank Walsh: “Changes in the Gender Wage Gap and The Returns to Firm Specific Human Capital”. March 1999.
WP99/08 Holger Görg and Eric Strobl: “Multinational Companies and the Entry of Indigenous Firms: Panel Data Evidence for Ireland”. April 1999.
(opens in a new window)WP99/09 David Madden: “Relative or Absolute Poverty Lines: A New Approach” April 1999.
WP99/10 Eric Strobl and Clive Tucker :“The Dynamics of Chart success in the UK Pre-recorded Popular Music Industry”. May 1999.
(opens in a new window)WP99/11 David Madden: “Towards a Broader Explanation of Male-Female Wage Differences”.May 1999.
WP99/12 Joel Mokyr and Cormac Ó Gráda: “Famine Disease and Famine Mortality: Lessons from the Irish Experience, 1845 – 1850”. June 1999.
WP99/13 David Madden: “Labour Market Discrimination on the Basis of Health: An Application to UK Data.” June 1999.
WP99/14 Emla Fitzsimons, Vincent Hogan and J. Peter Neary: “Explaining the Volume of North-South Trade in Ireland: A Gravity Model Approach”. June 1999.
WP99/15 Dermot Leahy and Catia Montagna: “Unionisation and Foreign Direct Investment: Challenging Conventional Wisdom?.” July 1999
(opens in a new window)WP99/16 Vincent Hogan: “The Determinants of the Reservation Wage”. August 1999
WP99/17 Kevin H. O’Rourke: “Globalization in Historical Perspective”. September 1999
WP99/18 Giovanni Federico and Kevin H. O’Rourke: “Much ado about nothing? Italian trade policy in the late 19th century”. September 1999
WP99/19 Morgan Kelly and Cormac O’Grada: “Market Contagion: Evidence from the Panics of 1854 and 1857”. September 1999
WP99/20 Orley Ashenfelter, Colm Harmon and Hessel Oosterbeek: “A Review of Estimates of the Schooling/Earnings Relationship, with tests for Publication Bias”. September 1999
WP99/21 Kevin J Denny and Colm P Harmon: “Testing for sheepskin effects in earnings equations: Evidence for five countries”. September 1999
WP99/22 Kevin H O’Rourke: “British Trade Policy in the 19th Century: A Review Article”. September 1999
WP99/23 Kevin H O’Rourke: “Culture, politics and innovation: Creamery diffusion in late 19th century Denmark and Ireland”. October 1999
WP99/24 Brendan M Walsh: “Urbanization and the Regional Distribution of Population in Post-Famine Ireland”. October 1999
Kevin H O’Rourke and Jeffrey G Williamson: “The Heckscher-Ohlin Model Between 1400 and 2000: When It Explained Factor Price Convergence, When It Did Not, and Why”. October 1999
(opens in a new window)WP99/26 David Madden: “The Kids are Alright? An Analysis of Child Benefit Using Irish Data”. November 1999
WP99/27 J. Peter Neary: “R&D in Developing Countries: What should Governments do?”. November 1999
(opens in a new window)WP99/28 David Madden and Ian Walker: “Labour Supply, Health and Caring: Evidence from the UK”. November 1999

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