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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2012 Papers

WP12/01  Mark E McGovern:  'A Practical Introduction to Stata'  January 2012
WP12/02  Colm McCarthy:  'Ireland’s European Crisis: Staying Solvent in the Eurozone'  January 2012
WP12/03  Colm McCarthy:  'Improving the Eurosystem for Old and New Members'  January 2012
WP12/04  Ivan Pastine and Tuvana Pastine:  'All-Pay Contests with Constraints'  February 2012
WP12/05  David Madden:  'Methods for Studying Dominance and Inequality in Population Health' February 2012 
WP12/06  Karl Whelan: 'ELA, Promissory Notes and All That: The Fiscal Costs of Anglo Irish Bank' February 2012
WP12/07  Olivier Bargain, Eliane El Badaoui, Prudence Kwenda, Eric Strobl and Frank Walsh: 'The Formal Sector Wage Premium and Firm Size for Self-employed Workers' March 2012
WP12/08  Brendan Walsh: 'The Influence of Macroeconomic Conditions and Institutional Quality on National Levels of Life Satisfaction' March 2012
WP12/09  Ronald B Davies and Rodolphe Desbordesz: 'Greenfield FDI and Skill Upgrading' March 2012
WP12/10  Morgan Kelly and Cormac Ó Gráda: 'Change Points and Temporal Dependence in Reconstructions of Annual Temperature: Did Europe Experience a Little Ice Age?' March 2012
WP12/11  Morgan Kelly and Cormac Ó Gráda: 'The Waning of the Little Ice Age' April 2012
WP12/12  Morgan Kelly and Cormac Ó Gráda: 'Agricultural Output, Calories and Living Standards in England before and during The Industrial Revolution' April 2012

Arnaud Chevalier and Orla Doyle: 'Schooling and Voter Turnout - Is there an American Exception?' April 2012 


David Madden: 'The Relationship Between Low Birthweight and Socioeconomic Status in Ireland' April 2012


Robert W Fairlie, Kanika Kapur and Susan Gates: 'Job Lock: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design' April 2012


John Regan: 'Ballot Order effects: An analysis of Irish General Elections' April 2012 


Orla Doyle: 'Breaking the Cycle of Deprivation: An Experimental Evaluation of an Early Childhood Intervention' April 2012

WP12/18  Ivan Pastine, Tuvana Pastine and Paul Redmond: 'Incumbent-Quality Advantage and Counterfactual Electoral Stagnation in the U.S. Senate' May 2012
WP12/19  Adrian Corcoran and Robert Gillanders: 'Foreign Direct Investment and The Ease of Doing Business' July 2012
WP12/20  Wen Fan and Yuanyuan Ma: 'Estimating the External Returns to Education: Evidence from China' August 2012
WP12/21  David Madden: 'The Socioeconomic Determinants of Mental Stress in Ireland' August 2012
WP12/22  Sinéad Kelleher: 'Playing by the Rules? The Development of an Amended Index to Measure the Impact of Rules of Origin on Intra-PTA Trade Flows' September 2012
WP12/23  Christopher Jepsen, Kenneth Troske and Paul Coomes: 'The Labor-Market Returns to Community College Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates' September 2012
WP12/24  Ronald B Davies: 'CCCTB 4 EU? SA vs. FA w/ FTA' October 2012
WP12/25  Ronald B Davies and Tine Jeppesen: 'Export mode, Trade Costs, and Productivity Sorting' October 2012

Vincent Hogan, Patrick Massey and Shane Massey: 'Competitive Balance and Match Attendance in European Rugby Union Leagues' October 2012


Mark E McGovern: 'Don't Stress: Early Life Conditions, Hypertension, and Selection into Associated Risk Factors' October 2012


Vincent Hogan, Patrick Massey and Shane Massey: 'Analysing Determinants of Match Attendance in the European Rugby Cup' October 2012


Karl Whelan: 'TARGET2 and Central Bank Balance Sheets' November 2012

WP12/30  Wasiu Adekunle Are: 'Poverty-Reducing Directions of Indirect Marginal Tax Reforms in Ireland' December 2012 
WP12/31  Wasiu Adekunle Are: 'Growth and Income Redistribution Components of Changes in Poverty: A Decomposition Analysis for Ireland, 1987-2005' December 2012

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