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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2000 Papers

Kevin J Denny and Colm P Harmon: “The Impact of Education and Training on the Labour Market experiences of Young Adults”. January 2000
Dermot Leahy and Catia Montagna: “Temporary Social Dumping, Union Legalisation and FDI: A Note on the Strategic Use of Standards”. January 2000
Frank Barry, John Bradley, Michal Kejak and David Vavra: “The Czech economic transition: exploring options using a macrosectoral model”. January 2000
Kevin J Denny, Colm P Harmon and Sandra Redmond: “Cognitive Skills, Educational Attainment and Earnings – Evidence from the International Adult Literacy Survey.” February 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/05
Cormac Ó’Gráda and Jean-Michel Chevet: “Market Segmentation and Famine in Ancien Régime France.” February 2000
Brendan Walsh: “Two Islands – Two Monies: The Effect of Breaking the Sterling Link on Anglo-Irish Trade.” February 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/07
Kevin Denny: "New Methods for comparing Literacy across Populations: Insights from the Measurement of Poverty" April 2000
Rodney Thom: "EU Enlargement: The Effect on Third Countries" April 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/09
Kristof Dascher: “Trade, FDI and Congestion: The Small and Very Open Economy” April 2000
Timothy W Guinnane and Cormac Ó Gráda: “The Workhouses and Irish Famine Mortality” April 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/11
David Madden: “Was Ireland better off in 1994 than in 1987?” April 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/12
Kevin J Denny and Colm P Harmon: “Education Policy Reform and the Return to Schooling from Instrumental Variables” April 2000
David Madden and Fiona Smith: “Poverty in Ireland, 1987-1994: A Stochastic Dominance Approach” April 2000
Cormac Ó Gráda and Kevin H O’Rourke: “Living Standards and Growth” April 2000
Stephen Pavelin: “The Geographical Diversification of Leading Firms in the EU” May 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/16
Vincent Hogan: “The Behaviour of Inflation and Unemployment in the United States” June 2000
David Madden: "Taxation, Debt and the Public Finances" August 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/18
J Peter Neary: "International Trade and the Environment: Theoretical and Policy Linkages" October 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/19
J Peter Neary: "Of Hype and Hyperbolas: Introducing the New Economic Geography" October 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/20
J Peter Neary: "Competition, Trade and Wages" October 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/21
Dermot Leahy and J Peter Neary: "Robust Rules for Industrial Policy in Open Economies" October 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/22
Cormac Ó Gráda: “The Political Economy of the Old Age Pension: Ireland c. 1908-1940” October 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/23
Frank Walsh: “Monopsony Power with Variable Effort” November 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/24
Frank Walsh: “Monetary Shocks with Nominal Wage Stickiness and Variable Effort” November 2000
(opens in a new window)WP00/25
J Peter Neary: "Monopolistic Competition and International Trade Theory" December 2000

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