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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2016 Papers

WP16/01 Ronald B Davies, Michael J Lamla and Marc Schiffbauer: 'Learning or Leaning: Persistent and Transitory Spillovers from FDI' February 2016
WP16/02 Alice Albonico, Alessia Paccagnini and Patrizio Tirelli: 'Great Recession, Slow Recovery and Muted Fiscal Policies in the US' March 2016
WP16/03 Cormac Ó Gráda: '"The Last, the Most Dreadful Resource of Nature": Economic-historical Reflections on Famine' March 2016
WP16/04 Kevin Denny and Cormac Ó Gráda: 'Immigration, Asylum, and Gender: Ireland and Beyond' June 2016
WP16/05 Cormac Ó Gráda: 'What’s in an Irish Surname? - Connollys and Others a Century Ago' June 2016
WP16/06 David Madden: 'Child and Adolescent Obesity in Ireland: A Longitudinal Perspective' August 2016
WP16/07 Kevin Denny and Patricia Franken: 'Self-reported health in good times and in bad: Ireland in the 21st century' August 2016
WP16/08 Ronald B Davies, Iulia Siedschlag and Zuzanna Studnicka: 'The Impact of Taxes on the Extensive and Intensive Margins of FDI' August 2016
WP16/09 Karl Whelan: 'Banking Union and the ECB as Lender of Last Resort' August 2016
WP16/10 David Madden: 'The Base of Party Political Support in Ireland: A New Approach' August 2016
WP16/11 Stelios Bekiros, Roberta Cardani, Alessia Paccagnini and Stefania Villa: 'Dealing with Financial Instability under a DSGE modeling approach with Banking Intermediation: a predictability analysis versus TVP-VARs' August 2016
WP16/12 Alice Albonico, Alessia Paccagnini and Patrizio Tirelli: 'In search of the Euro area fiscal stance' August 2016
WP16/13 Ivan Pastine: 'On Nash Equilibria in Speculative Attack Models' September 2016
WP16/14 Ronald B Davies and Rodolphe Desbordes: 'The Impact of Everything But Arms on EU Relative Labour Demand' September 2016
WP16/15 Ronald B Davies, T Huw Edwards and Arman Mazhikeyev: 'The Impact of Special Economic Zones on Electricity Intensity of Firms' October 2016
WP16/16 David Madden: 'Childhood Obesity and Maternal Education in Ireland' November 2016
WP16/17 Stijn van Weezel: 'Communal violence in the Horn of Africa following the 1998 El Niño' December 2016
WP16/18 Stijn van Weezel: 'Short term effects of drought on communal conflict in Nigeria' December 2016
WP16/19 Sarah La Monaca and Lisa Ryan: 'Solar PV where the sun doesn’t shine: Estimating the economic impacts of support schemes for residential PV with detailed net demand profiling' December 2016
WP16/20 Kevin O'Rourke: 'Independent Ireland in Comparative Perspective' December 2016


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