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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2007 Papers

WP07/01 Morgan Kelly: "On the Likely Extent of Falls in Irish House Prices" February 2007
WP07/02 Amaya Vega and Aisling Reynolds-Feighan: "Employment sub-centres and the choice of mode of travel to work in the Dublin region" March 2007
WP07/03 Olivier Bargain and Olivier Donni: "A Theory of Child Targeting" March 2007
WP07/04 Luís Vaz Silva: " Geography, Institutions, and Compared Development in Africa " May 2007
WP07/05 Luís Vaz Silva:" Geography, European Colonization, and Past Population Dynamics in Africa " May 2007
WP07/06 Sarah Parlane and Fabrice Rousseau: "Optimal IPO Design with Informed Trading" May 2007
WP07/07 Colm McCarthy: "Owner-Occupied Housing Costs and Bias in the Irish Consumer Price Index" June 2007
WP07/08 Cormac Ó Gráda: "Yardsticks for Workhouses during the Great Famine" August 2007
WP07/09 David Madden: "Health Interventions and Risky Behaviour" August 2007
WP07/10 David Madden: "An Analysis of Mental Stress in Ireland, 1994-2000" August 2007
WP07/11 Olivier Bargain: "On Modeling Household Labor Supply With Taxation" August 2007
WP07/12 Olivier Bargain, Herwig Immervoll and Heikki Viitamäki: "How Tight are Safety-Nets in Nordic Countries? Evidence from Finnish Register Data" August 2007
WP07/13 Olivier Bargain and Tim Callan: "Analysing the Effects of Tax-benefit Reforms on Income Distribution: A Decomposition Approach" August 2007
WP07/14 Eric Strobl and Frank Walsh: "The Ambiguous Effect of Minimum Wages on Workers and Total Hours" August 2007
WP07/15 Kevin Denny: "Big and tall parents do not have more sons" November 2007
WP07/16 Martina Lawless and Karl Whelan: "A Note on Trade Costs and Distance" November 2007
WP07/17 Derek Bond, Michael J Harrison and Edward J O'Brien: "Exploring nonlinearity with random field regression" November 2007
WP07/18 Derek Bond, Michael J Harrison and Edward J O'Brien: "Modelling Ireland’s Exchange Rates: From EMS to EMU" November 2007
WP07/19 Cormac Ó Gráda: "The Ripple that Drowns?
Twentieth-century famines in China and India as
economic history" November 2007
WP07/20 Cormac Ó Gráda: "Famines and Markets" November 2007
WP07/21 Cormac Ó Gráda: "Famine Demography" November 2007
WP07/22 Antonello D’Agostino and Karl Whelan: "Federal Reserve Information during the Great Moderation" December 2007

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