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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2022 Papers

Xidong Guo: 'An Analysis of a Rural Hospital’s Investment Decision under Different Payment Systems' January 2023
Emanuele Albarosa, Benjamin Elsner: 'Forced Migration and Social Cohesion: Evidence from the 2015/16 Mass Inflow in Germany' January 2023
WP23/03 Xidong Guo: 'Hospital Efficiency and Consultants’ Private Practices: Analysing the Impact of a Voluntary Reform' February 2023
Tadgh Hegarty, Karl Whelan: 'Calculating The Bookmaker’s Margin: Why Bets Lose More On Average Than You Are Warned' February 2023
WP23/05 Tadgh Hegarty, Karl Whelan: 'Forecasting Soccer MatchesWith Betting Odds: A Tale of Two Markets' February 2023
WP23/06 Karl Whelan: 'How Do Prediction Market Fees Affect Prices and Participants?' March 2023

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