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UCD Centre for Economic Research 2023 Papers

Xidong Guo: 'An Analysis of a Rural Hospital’s Investment Decision under Different Payment Systems' January 2023
Emanuele Albarosa, Benjamin Elsner: 'Forced Migration and Social Cohesion: Evidence from the 2015/16 Mass Inflow in Germany' January 2023
WP23/03 Xidong Guo: 'Hospital Efficiency and Consultants’ Private Practices: Analysing the Impact of a Voluntary Reform' February 2023
Tadgh Hegarty, Karl Whelan: 'Calculating The Bookmaker’s Margin: Why Bets Lose More On Average Than You Are Warned' February 2023
WP23/05 Tadgh Hegarty, Karl Whelan: 'Forecasting Soccer MatchesWith Betting Odds: A Tale of Two Markets' February 2023
WP23/06 Karl Whelan: 'How Do Prediction Market Fees Affect Prices and Participants?' March 2023
WP23/07 Kevin Devereux, Zuzanna Studnicka: 'Local Labour Market Concentration and Wages in Ireland' March 2023
WP23/08 Kevin Devereux, Zuzanna Studnicka: 'When and Where do Minimum Wage Hikes Increase Hours? Evidence from Ireland' April 2023
WP23/09 Karl Whelan 'Fortune’s Formula or the Road to Ruin?The Generalized Kelly CriterionWith Multiple Outcomes' April 2023
Manuel E. Lago: '#MeToo...or not? Do salient shocks affect gender social norms?' April 2023
Cormac Ó Gráda, Tyler Anbinder, Simone A. Wegge: 'Gaming the System:The Not-So-Poor and Savings Banks in Antebellum New York' April 2023
WP23/12 Tadgh Hegarty, Karl Whelan: 'Disagreement and Market Structure in Betting Markets: Theory and Evidence from European Soccer' May 2023
WP23/13 Tadgh Hegarty, Karl Whelan: 'Do Gamblers Understand Complex Bets? Evidence From Asian Handicap Betting on Soccer' May 2023
Matthew Amalitinga Abagna: ‘Special Economic Zones and Local Economic Activities in Ethiopia.’ May 2023
Gregory Corcos, Stefanie Haller: 'Importer Dynamics: Do Peers Matter?' July 2023
Karl Whelan: 'How Does Inside Information Affect Sports Betting Odds?' July 2023
Michele Gubello: 'Social Trust and the Support for Universal Basic Income' July 2023
Constantin Bürgi, Zuzanna Studnicka: 'Online Interactions, Trade And The Gravity Model' August 2023
Juan S. Morales, Margaret Samahita: 'Can Social Pressure Stifle Free Speech?' August 2023
Fabrice Kämpfen, Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Owen O’Donnell, Carlos Riumallo Herl: 'Effectiveness of Population-Based Hypertension Screening: A Multidimensional Regression Discontinuity Design' August 2023
Annette Alstadsӕter, Ronald Davies, Mathieu Parenti, Farid Toubal: 'The Real Effects of Tax Havens' October 2023
Ronald B. Davies, Dieter F. Kogler, Guohao Yang: 'Construction of a Global Knowledge Input-Output Table' October 2023
Taipeng Li, Lorenzo Trimachi, Rui Xie, Guohao Yang: 'The Unintended Consequences of Trade Protection on the Environment' October 2023
Constantin Bürgi, Mengdi Song: 'Do Professional Forecasters Believe in Uncovered Interest Rate Parity?' November 2023
WP23/25 Morgan Kelly, Kevin Hjortshøj O’Rourke: 'Industrial policy on the frontier: lessons from the first two industrial revolutions' November 2023
WP23/26 Giacomo Lo Conte, Andrea Mina, Silvia Rocchetta: 'Turning technological relatedness into industrial strategy: The productivity effects of Smart Specialisation in Europe' November 2023
WP23/27 Constantin Bürgi, Prachi Srivastava, Karl Whelan: 'Oil Prices and Inflation Forecasts' November 2023
WP23/28 Cormac Ó Gráda, Chihua Li, Ann Arbor, L. H. Lumey: 'How Much Schizophrenia Do Famines Cause?' December 2023
WP23/29 Judith M. Delaney, Paul J. Devereux:'Gender Differences in Teacher Judgement of Comparative Advantage' December 2023
Vincent Hogan, Patrick Massey: 'Different Strokes: Winning Strategies in Women’s (and Men’s) Big Bash Cricket.'

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