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UCD Menopause (including Perimenopause) Policy

UCD Menopause (including Perimenopause) Policy and Guidance

Launched at the UCD EDI Menopause Conference: Time for Change in the Third Level Sector on 13 March 2023. This policy sets out the commitments of the University to employees and managers on providing the right support to manage menopausal symptoms at work. We want to ensure that our Menopause policy is a living document that contributes to the culture change and supports the broader objective of achieving gender equality for all genders leading to a more inclusive working environment.

This policy applies to all employees and particularly those experiencing the menopause. 

The policy provides definitions (menopause, perimenopause, etc.) and clarifies roles and responsibilities for managers, employees, HR and more.

Read the policy now in the Governance Library.

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