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What Is Neurodiversity?

Exploring Neurodiversity?

Join experts in Neurodiversity to learn about the concept of neurodiversity and why we need to raise awareness of neurodiversity in places of learning, workplaces and across society. 

  • Blánaid Gavin, Associate Professor, Chair of UCD Neurodiversity Group, School of Medicine, UCD
  • Jeffrey Glennon, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, UCD
  • Tina Lowe, Campus Accessibility Officer, UCD (Chair)
  • Deirdre O’Connor, Assistant Professor, Associate Dean of EDI for the School of Agriculture and Food Science, UCD

Highlights: UCD Neurodiversity Celebration Week Webinars, Workshops & Blogs 

  • Neurodiversity Celebration Week March 2023 Events click here
  • Exploring Neurodiversity: click here
  • RTE Drivetime | UCD Neurodiversity Celebration Week (1:56:30- 2:03:00) (opens in a new window)click here
  • Neurodiversity & the Built Environment: click here
  • University & Beyond | Conversations with Neurodivergent Graduates: click here
  • Supporting Employees & Students | Neurodiversity Masterclass: click here
  • UCD Neurodiversity Blogs | Employee and Student Perspectives: click here
  • College of Science & Access and Lifelong Learning: Student Workshop: click here
  • UCD Neurodiversity Celebration Week webpage: click here

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