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“Back to the Future” Software Engineering Evening

Image credit Rosemary Deevy

“Back to the Future” Software Engineering Evening

UCD CS graduates working in software engineering returned to offer students their advice.

On Wednesday 24 Jan 2024 eight graduates returned to the School to talk to students about their experience and offer advice and insights about future career choices. The UCD alumni returning to talk to students were all graduates of the MSc in Advanced Software Engineering:

  • Paula Dwan, Contractor, own company, sole director, Delivery Management in Insurance & Banking (MSc ASE 2016)
  • Rob Treacy, Fineos, Build/Devops engineer (MSc ASE 2018)
  • Stephen Lennon DELL, Software Senior Principal Engineer (MSc ASE 2016)
  • Vinicius Monteiro Oracle, Principal Software Developer (MSc ASE 2022)
  • Yuxin Wang, GoMappEd, CEO & Co-Founder (MSc ASE 2007)
  • David Bowman, XorCon technology consultants (MSc ASE 2021)
  • Oluchi Ngozi Anyabuike, Senior Software Engineer at Fidelity Investments (Current student MSc ASE)
  • Kris Foster, Salesforce, Lead Software Engineer (MSc ASE 2022)

51 students came along for the evening, which was a great success. Head of School Associate Professor Neil Hurley welcomed the alumni and thanked the Cathy Brooks in the UCD alumni relations team for their support. Professor Liam Murphy spoke about the MSc Advanced Software Engineering and invited the alumni to introduce themselves, and then they went out to chat with the students at their tables.  There was a great buzz as the alumni and students chatted. We rotated the alumni around the tables so everyone got a chance to meet and talk to each other.

After an hour, Professor Murphy moderated a feedback session where the alumni told us what they had heard from the students and offered their thoughts and sage advice. Some common themes emerged:

  • How to get your first job;
  • How to distinguish yourself on the CV;
  • Dealing with interviews: how to be confident, choose where to go deep, “owning the process” and demonstrating core skills and passion;
  • Lifelong learning: when to do a masters and upskilling opportunities on the job;
  • Follow a career that is your passion;
  • Planning for the future and being ready for opportunities;
  • Adaptability and resilience;
  • Imposter syndrome and being out of your depth. Asking for help.

Following the feedback session, everyone stayed on for pizza and further discussions. The visiting alumnae seemed to really enjoy meeting each other as well as the students.

Published February 1st 2024

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