Liliana Pasquale will receive the Most Influential Paper Award at the 28th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'20) in Switzerland, in recognition of her paper entitled: "Fuzzy Goals for Requirements-Driven Adaptation", published 10 years ago. The paper was part of Liliana's PhD research and was co-authored with Dr. Paola Spoletini and Prof. Luciano Baresi.
Liliana Pasquale has been awarded a 290,754 Euros fund from Huawei to work on a 2 years project titled "Assurance Cases for Software Compliance with Security Standards". The project is part of the Lero Trees Programme on "Trustworthy Responsible Efficient Engineering of Software".
Liliana Pasquale and Mohamed Ali Shafie have been awarded a PhD Scholarship funded by the Irish Research Council as part of theGovernment of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme. This programme is highly competitive, with an average success rate for non-EU students of 5% over the past five years. Successful applicants who become scholars under the programme are recognised as demonstrating world-class potential as future research leaders and in the quality of their ideas.