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List of Papers Published in 2023

Monday, 2 January, 2023


  • L. E. Healy, X. Zhu, M.Kakagianni, M. M. Poojary, C. Sullivan, U. Tiwari, J. Curtin,Da-Wen Sunand B. K. Tiwari, Fermentation of Brown SeaweedsAlaria EsculentaandSaccharinaLatissimafor New Product Development UsingLactiplantbacillusPlantarum,Saccharomyces Cerevisiaeand Kombucha SCOBY,Algal Research,76(2023) 103322.
  • F. Lian, J.-H Cheng, J Ma andDa-Wen Sun, LF-NMR and MRI Analyses of Water Status and Distribution in Pork Patties During Combined Roasting with Steam Cooking,Food Bioscience,56(2023) 103325.
  • Q. Yang,Da-Wen Sunand H. Pu, Porous MaterialsNanohybridizedwith Metal Nanoparticles as Substrates for Enhancing SERS Detection in Food Safety Applications,Trends in Food Science & Technology,141(2023) 104202.
  • X. Zhu, L. Healy, J.Wanigasekara, M. Zhao, R. B.Padamati, S.Karuppusamy, J. F. Curtin, S. P. Sivagnanam, D. K. Rai,Da-Wen Sunand B. K. Tiwari, Characterisation of Laminarin Extracted from Brown Seaweed Laminaria Digitata, Using Optimized Ultrasound- and Ultrafiltration-Assisted Extraction Method,Algal Research,75(2023) 103277.
  • F. Lian, J.-H. Cheng andDa-Wen Sun, Insight into the Effect of Microwave Treatment on Fat Loss, Fatty Acid Composition and Microstructure of Pork Subcutaneous Back Fat,LWT - Food Science and Technology,187(2023) 115297.
  • X. Yu, H. Pu andDa-Wen Sun, Nano Light Conversion Agents: Recent Advances,Future Prospectsand Challenges in Enhancing Plant Green Cultivation,Journal of Cleaner Production,426(2023) 138919.
  • T. G. Rinwi,Da-Wen Sun, J. Ma, and Q.-J. Wang, Underlying Mechanisms and Molecular Interactions of Isochoric Freezing on Enhancing the Freshness of Chicken Breast Meat,LWT - Food Science and Technology,187(2023) 11530.
  • X. Zhu, L. Healy, R. S. Das, M.L. Bhavya, S.Karuppusamy,Da-Wen Sun, C. O'Donnell and B. K. Tiwari, Novel Biorefinery Process for Extraction of Laminarin, Alginate and Protein from Brown Seaweed Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation,Algal Research,74(2023) 103243.
  • Z. Wu,Da-WenSunand H. Pu, CRISPR/Cas12a and G-quadruplexDNAzyme-Driven Multimodal Biosensor for Visual Detection of Aflatoxin B1,SpectrochimicaActa Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy,302(2023) 123121.
  • T. Lei andDa-Wen Sun, Introducing the THz Time Domain CT System for Evaluating Kernel Weight and Plumpness of Sunflower Seed,Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization,17[4] (2023) 3616–3624.
  • L. Sun, Z.ZhuandDa-WenSun,RegulatingIce Formation for Enhancing Frozen Food Quality: Materials, Mechanisms and Challenges,Trends in Food Science & Technology,139(2023) 104116.
  • Z. Chen, J. Ma andDa-Wen Sun, Aggregates-Based Fluorescence Sensing Technology for Food Hazard Detection: Principles, Improvement Strategies and Applications,Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety,22[4] (2023) 2977-3010.
  • H. Pu, J. Yu,Da-Wen Sun, Q. Wei and Z. Wang, Feature Construction Methods for Processing and Analysing Spectral Images and Their Applications in Food Quality Inspection,Trends in Food Science & Technology,138(2023) 726-737.
  • H. Pu, T. Fang, Z. Wu andDa-Wen Sun, Advancements in Recyclable Photocatalytic Semiconductor Substrates for SERS Detection in Food Safety Applications,Trends in Food Science & Technology,138(2023) 697-707.
  • L. Huang, H. Pu andDa-Wen Sun,IsoreticularChemistry GuidedEnzymodynamicDomino Effect for Biofilm Microenvironment-Responsive Disinfection,Chemical Engineering Journal,471(2023) 144206.
  • Y. Ren, Y. Fu andDa-Wen Sun,Analyzingthe Effects of Nonthermal Pretreatments on the Quality of Microwave Vacuum Dehydrated Beef Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy and Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging,Food Chemistry,428(2023) 136753.
  • Q. Wang, Q. Dong, L.WangandDa-Wen Sun, Quality Attributes of Pork Tenderloin Frozen Under Different High Voltage Electric Fields with Ultrahigh Permittivity Ceramic-enhanced Electrodes,LWT - Food Science and Technology,184(2023) 114989.
  • J.-H. Cheng, L. He,Da-Wen Sun, Y. Pan and J. Ma, Inhibition of Cell Wall Pectin Metabolism by Plasma Activated Water (PAW) to Maintain Firmness and Quality of Postharvest Blueberry,Plant Physiology and Biochemistry,201(2023) 107803.
  • Y.-Y. Pan,Da-Wen Sun, J.-H. Cheng, H. Brust and K.-D.Weltmann, Insights into Inactivation and Response Mechanisms of Sublethal Listeria Monocytogenes Treated by Cold Plasma with Joint Transcriptomics and Metabolomics,Journal of Applied Microbiology,134[6] (2023) 1–15.
  • F. Lian, J.-H. Cheng andDa-Wen Sun, Effects of Combined Roasting with Steam Cooking on Fat Content, PhysicochemicalPropertiesand in Vitro Protein Digestion of Chicken Wings as Compared with Other Conventional Cooking Methods,LWT - Food Science and Technology,183(2023) 114941.
  • C. K. Ajani, Z. Zhu andDa-Wen Sun, Microscale Modelling of Flow, Heat and Mass Transport During Vacuum Cooling of Porous Foods: Effective Property Computation,Transport in Porous Media,337(2023) 111220.
  • H. Pu, J. Yu,Da-Wen Sun, Q. Wei and Q. Li, DistinguishingPericarpiumCitriReticulataeof Different Origins Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Combined with Convolutional Neural Networks,Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy,299(2023) 122771.
  • Y. Zhao, M. L. Bhavya, A.Patange,Da-Wen Sunand B. K. Tiwari, Plasma Activated Liquids for Mitigating Biofilms on Food and Food Contact Surfaces,Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety,22[3] (2023) 1654-1685.          
  • B. Hu, H. Pu andDa-Wen Sun, FlexibleAu@AgNRs/CMC/qPCR Film with Enhanced Sensitivity, Homogeneity and Stability for In-Situ Extraction and SERS Detection of Thiabendazole on Fruits,Food Chemistry,423(2023) 135840.
  • Y. Ren, T.LeiandDa-Wen Sun, In-situ Indirect Measurements of Real-Time Moisture Contents During Microwave Vacuum Drying of Beef and Carrot Slices Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy,Food Chemistry,418(2023) 135943.
  • Y Lin, J. Ma,Da-Wen Sun, J.-H. Cheng and Q. Wang, A pH-ResponsiveColourimetricSensor Array Based on Machine Learning for Real-Time Monitoring of Beef Freshness,Food Control,150(2023) 109729.
  • J.-H. Cheng, S. Zou, J. Ma andDa-Wen Sun, Toxic Reactive Oxygen Species Stresses for Reconfiguring Central Carbon Metabolic Fluxes in Foodborne Bacteria: Sources, Mechanisms and Pathways,Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition,63[13] (2023) 1806-1821.
  • Q. Li, T. Lei andDa-Wen Sun, Analysis and Detection Using Novel Terahertz Spectroscopy Technique in Dietary Carbohydrate-Related Research: Principles and Application Advances,Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition,63[13] (2023) 1793-1805.
  • T. G. Rinwi, J. Ma andDa-Wen Sun, Effectsof IsochoricFreezing on Myofibrillar Protein Conformational Structures of Chicken Breasts,LWT - Food Science and Technology,181(2023) 114768.
  • K. Zhang, M. Zhao,Da-WenSunand B. K. Tiwari, Correlation of Plasma Generated Long-lived Reactive Species in Aqueous and Gas Phases with Different Feeding Gases,Plasma Sources Science and Technology32[4] (2023) 045015.
  • Y. Lin, J. Ma, Q. Wang andDa-Wen Sun, Applications of Machine Learning Techniques for Enhancing Nondestructive Food Quality and Safety Detection,Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition,63[12] (2023) 1649-1669.
  • H. Pu, J. Yu, Z. Liu, J. Paliwal andDa-Wen Sun, Evaluation of the Effects of Vacuum Cooling on Moisture Contents, Colour and Texture of Mushroom (AgaricusBisporus) Using Hyperspectral Imaging Method,Microchemical Journal,190(2023) 108653.
  • O. I. Obajemihi, J.-H. Cheng andDa-Wen Sun,Novel Sequential and Simultaneous Infrared-Accelerated Drying Technologies for the Food Industry: Principles, Applications and Challenges,Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition,63[11] (2023) 1465-1482.
  • H. Pu, Y. Xie, Q. Wie andDa-Wen Sun, Anchoring Au on UiO-66 surface with thioglycolic acid for simultaneous SERS detection of paraquat and diquat residues in cabbage,Microchemical Journal,190(2023) 108563.
  • W. Zhang,Da-Wen Sun, J. Ma, Z. Wang, A. Qin and B. Z. Tang, Simultaneous Sensing of Ammonia and Temperatures Using a Dual-Mode Freshness Indicator Based on Au/Cu Nanoclusters for Packaged Seafood,Food Chemistry,418(2023) 135929.
  • H. Pu, Q. Wei andDa-Wen Sun, Recent Advances in Muscle Food Safety Evaluation: Hyperspectral Imaging Analyses and Applications,Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition,63[10] (2023) 1297 - 1313.
  • Z. Zhu, H. Liang andDa-Wen Sun, Infusing Silicone and Camellia Seed Oils into Micro/Nanostructures for Developing Novel Anti-Icing/Frosting Surfaces for Food Freezing Applications,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,15[11] (2023) 14874–14883.
  • J. Wang, J.-H. Cheng andDa-Wen Sun, Enhancement of Wheat Seed Germination, Seedling Growth and Nutritional Properties of Wheat Plantlet Juice by Plasma Activated Water,Journal of Plant Growth Regulation,42[3] (2023) 2006–2022.
  • C. Zhou, J. Ma andDa-Wen Sun, GroupingIlluminantsby Aggregation-Induced Emission (AIE) Mechanisms for Designing Sensing Platforms for Food Quality and Safety Inspection,Trends in Food Science & Technology,134(2023) 232-246.
  • M.Lv, H. Pu andDa-Wen Sun, Preparation of Fe3O4@UiO-66(Zr)@Ag NPs Core-Shell-Satellite Structured SERS Substrate for Trace Detection of Organophosphorus Pesticides Residues,Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy,294(2023) 122548.
  • F. Lian, J.-H. Cheng, H. Wang andDa-Wen Sun, Effects of Combined Roasting and Steam Cooking on NaCl Reduction and Quality Changes in Marinated Salmon Flesh as Compared with Roasting and Water Bath Cooking,LWT - Food Science and Technology,179(2023) 114623.
  • W. Zhang, J. Ma andDa-Wen Sun, Dual-signal Fluorescent Test Strips for Spoilage Sensing of Packaged Seafood: Visual Monitoring of Volatile BasicNitrogens,Food Chemistry,416(2023) 135725.
  • E. J. Bassey,Da-Wen Sun, O. J. Esua and J.-H. Cheng, Effects of Freeze-Thaw Pretreatments on the Drying Characteristics, Physicochemical and Phytochemical Composition of Red Dragon Fruit During Mid- and Near-Infrared Drying,Drying Technology,41[4] (2023) 561-576.
  • H. Pu, J. Yu,Da-Wen Sun, Q. We, X.Shenand Z. Wang, Distinguishing Fresh and Frozen-thawed Beef Using Hyperspectral Imaging Technology Combined with Convolutional Neural Networks,Microchemical Journal,189(2023) 108559.
  • M.Lv, N. Hussain,Da-Wen Sunand H. Pu, Rapid Detection of Paraquat Residues in Fruit Samples usingMercaptoaceticAcid FunctionalizedAu@AgNRSERS Substrate,Microchemical Journal,189(2023) 108558.
  • W. Zhang,Da-Wen Sun, J. Ma, A. Qin and B. Z. Tang, ARatiometricFluorescent Tag Based on Dual-emissive Hydrophobic Carbon Dots for In-Situ Monitoring of Seafood Freshness,AnalyticaChimicaActa,1250(2023) 340931.
  • J.-H. Cheng, H. Wang andDa-Wen Sun, InsightIntotheIgE-Binding Sites of Allergenic Peptides of Tropomyosin in Shrimp (Penaeus Chinensis) Induced by Cold Plasma Active Particles,International Journal of Biological Macromolecules,234(2023) 123690.
  • B. Hu,Da-Wen Sun, H. Pu and Z. Huang, High-Performance Homogeneous Carboxymethylcellulose-StabilizedAu@AgNRs-CMC Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Chip for Thiram Detection in Fruits,Food Chemistry,412(2023) 13533.
  • D. Li, Z. Zhu andDa-Wen Sun, Effects of High-Pressure Freezing and Deep-Frozen Storage on Cell Structure and Quality of Cordyceps Sinensis,LWT - Food Science and Technology,175(2023) 114044.
  • S. Mahato, Z.ZhuandDa-Wen Sun, Effects of Frequencies Ranging from 100 to 400 Hz on Electromagnetic Field Assisted Freezing of Grass Carp (CtenopharyngodonIdellus),LWT - Food Science and Technology,174(2023) 114399.
  • S. Mahato, Z. Zhu andDa-Wen Sun, Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field at 50 Hz on Myofibrillar Protein from Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodonidellus) During Chilled Storage at 4oC,LWT - Food Science and Technology,174(2023) 114397.
  • J.-H. Cheng, J. Li andDa-Wen Sun, Effects of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Cold Plasma on Structure, Surface Hydrophobicity and Allergenic Properties of Shrimp Tropomyosin,Food Chemistry,409(2023) 135316.
  • L. Xu,Da-Wen Sun, Y. Tian, T. Fan and Z. Zhu, Nanocomposite Hydrogel for Daytime Passive Cooling Enabled by Combined Effects of Radiative and Evaporative Cooling,Chemical Engineering Journal,457(2023) 141231.
  • O. I. Obajemihi, O. J. Esua, J.-H. Cheng andDa-Wen Sun, Effects of Pretreatments Using Plasma Functionalized Water,Osmodehydrationand Their Combination on HotAir DryingEfficiency and Quality of Tomato (SolanumlycopersicumL.) Slices,Food Chemistry,406(2023) 134995.
  • T. G. Rinwi,Da-Wen Sun, J. Ma and Q.-J. Wang, Effects of Isochoric Freezing on Freezing Process and Quality Attributes of Chicken Breast Meat,Food Chemistry,405(2023) 134732.
  • Y. Wu, J.-H. Cheng, K. M. Keener, andDa-Wen Sun,Inhibitory Effects of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Cold Plasma on Pathogenic Enzymes and Anthracnose for Mango Postharvest Preservation,Postharvest Biology and Technology,196(2023) 112181.
  • Z. Wu,Da-Wen Sun, H. Pu and Q. Wei, A Dual Signal-On Biosensor Based on Dual-gated Locked Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for the Detection of Aflatoxin B1,Talanta,253(2023) 124027.
  • Y. Liu, H. Pu, Q. Li andDa-Wen Sun, Discrimination ofPericarpiumCitriReticulataein Different Years Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Combined with Convolutional Neural Network,Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy,286(2023) 122035.
  • Q. Wei, Q. Dong,Da-Wen Sunand H. Pu, Synthesis of Recyclable SERS Platform Based on MoS2@TiO2@Au Heterojunction for Photodegradation and Identification of Fungicides,Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy,285(2023) 121895.
  • H. He,Da-Wen Sun, H. Pu and Z. Wu, A SERS-Fluorescence Dual-Signal Aptasensor for Sensitive and Robust Determination of AFB1 in Nut Samples Based on Apt-Cy5 andMNP@Ag-PEI,Talanta,253(2023) 123962.
  • D. Zhang, L. Huang,Da-Wen Sun, H. Pu and Q. Wei, Bio-interface Engineering ofMXeneNanosheets with Immobilized Lysozyme for Light Enhanced Enzymatic Inactivation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus,Chemical Engineering Journal,452(2023) 139078.
  • L. Huang,Da-Wen Sun, H. Pu, C.Zhangand D. Zhang, Nanocellulose-Based Polymeric Nanozyme as Bioinspired Spray Coating for Fruit Preservation,Food Hydrocolloids,135(2023) 108138.
  • H. Zhu, J.-H. Cheng, J.MaandDa-Wen Sun, Deconstruction of Pineapple Peel Cellulose Based on Fe2+Assisted Cold Plasma Pretreatment for Cellulose Nanofibrils Preparation,Food Chemistry,401(2023) 134116.
  • H. Jayan,Da-Wen Sun, H. Pu and Q. Wei, Mesoporous Silica Coated Core-Shell Nanoparticles Substrate for Size-Selective SERS Detection of Chloramphenicol,Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy,284(2023) 121817.
  • Z. Wu,Da-Wen Sun, H. Pu and Q. Wei, A Novel Fluorescence Biosensor Based on CRISPR/Cas12a IntegratedMXenesfor Detecting Aflatoxin B1,Talanta,252(2023) 123773.

Conference Proceedings:

  • Da-Wen Sun, Advancements in Hyperspectral Imaging Technology for Enhancing the Detection and Control of Food Quality and Safety, in Proceedings of the 3rd Black Sea Association of Food Science and Technology Congress (B-FOST 2023), 13-15 December 2023, Belgrade, Serbia (plenary lecture).
  • Da-Wen Sun, Developments of Hyperspectral Imaging Technology for Novel Food Quality and Safety Detection and Control, in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Food Chemistry & Technology (FCT-2023), 27-29 November, 2023, Paris, France (plenary lecture).
  • Da-Wen SunHyperspectral Imaging Technology: A Novel Nondestructive Tool for Detecting and Evaluating Agricultural and Food Products, in Proceedings of the 15th International Congress on Agricultural Mechanization and Energy in Agriculture, 29 October – 1 November, 2023, Antalya, Türkiye(keynote speech).
  • J. Tang, X. Zhu, Da-Wen Sun and B. K. Tiwari, Influence of Cavitation Technologies, Mainly Hydrodynamic and Ultrasonic Cavitation, on Extraction, Profile and Structure Properties of Pea Protein, in Proceedings of the 6th International Caparica Conference on Ultrasonic-Based Applications from Analysis to Synthesis, 26-29 June 2023, Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Z. Hu, G. Dong, X. Zhu, Z. Hu, Da-Wen Sun and B. K. Tiwari, Isolation of Proteins from Potato (Solanum Tuberosum) Using Ultrasound and Enzyme-Assisted Extraction Techniques, in Proceedings of the 6th International Caparica Conference on Ultrasonic-Based Applications from Analysis to Synthesis, 26-29 June 2023, Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • G. Dong, L. M. Hinds, X. Zhu, Z. Hu, Da-Wen Sun and B. K. Tiwari, Investigating the Effects of Ultrasound and Microwave Pretreatments on Allergen Profile in Alaria Esculenta, in Proceedings of the 6th International Caparica Conference on Ultrasonic-Based Applications from Analysis to Synthesis, 26-29 June 2023, Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • W. Dong, R. E. Jerome, J. Tang, Da-Wen Sun and B. Tiwari, Fish Protein Recovery from Haddock Waste by Ultrasound-Assisted Isoelectric Solubilisation Precipitation with Alcalase Hydrolysis (UAE-ISP-EAE), in Proceedings of the 6th International Caparica Conference on Ultrasonic-Based Applications from Analysis to Synthesis, 26-29 June 2023, Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Da-Wen Sun, Hyperspectral Imaging Technology: A Novel Nondestructive Detection Tool for Agricultural and Food Products, in Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Biosystems Engineering (BSE 2023), Estonian University of Life Sciences, 10 – 12 May, 2023, Tartu, Estonia (keynote speech).
  • Y. Ren and Da-Wen Sun, A Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy-based Intelligent Microwave Vacuum Dehydration System for In-situ Monitoring of Real-time Moisture Migration During Dehydration of Agricultural Products. In Proceedings of Active and Passive Smart Structures and Integrated Systems XVII, SPIE Smart Structures + Nondestructive Evaluation, 12-16 March, 2023, Long Beach, California, USA.

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