Rectangle, a written thing

An exhibition by Sonia Shiel, Artist-in-Residence, UCD Arts and Humanities.

Opening at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery.

Chancery Lane, Dublin 8

4th May 2017, 6pm - 8pm. 

Rectangle, a written thing, 2017, is presented in four ensembles. These painted works conjure theatrical tropes without motion, containing performative moments within the stasis and composition of painting. Such poles of action and inaction, recurring throughout the installation, are echoed in an accompanying script. This written thing provides a space to situate the work in a critical context by exploring its own real and imagined materiality, - and it tells the story of an artist who, in being mistaken for a tree, learns what it is to be expressive.

Sonia Shiel's work examines her protagonists' attempts to survive the odds of nature and the illusory world around them, through laws of their own making. Many of her works engage with each other symbiotically or con/sequentially within mixed-media installations, creating surreal narrative sequences. Often taking the form of scripted video, audio and live performances, Shiel's works synthesise object, image and sound in self-reflexive stories of construction, exploring how real things in the world can simultaneously declare themselves fabrications and yet compel a shared make-believe.

Artist-in-Residence, UCD Arts and Humanities.

Avocado Project on Facebook

Avocado is a UCD Parity Studios' Artist-in-Residence project, by the 2017 Arts and Humanities' Artist-in-Residence Sonia Shiel.  It involves the development and materialisation of dove-tailing short-stories into a new play and will see its adaptation to film, sculpture and installation with a series of events throughout 2017.