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Undergraduate Courses

Leading Arts and Humanities Education in Ireland

UCD Arts and Humanities is recognised nationally and internationally for innovation and excellence in teaching and research as well as for its key contributions to intellectual and cultural life. UCD is ranked within the top 1% of universities, with Arts and Humanities ranked number 92 in the world, English ranked 41 and History is in the top 100 (opens in a new window)QS Universities Rankings - Top Global Universities & Colleges

UCD Arts and Humanities comprises seven schools:

We offer an unrivalled range of subjects and subject combinations to suit your learning needs, across three major entry routes.

3-year degree course offering an unrivalled range of subjects. Excellent foundation for further study and a wide variety of career options. Option to extend to a 4-year BA International degree and spend Year 3 abroad.
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4-year course offering 15 focused innovative inter-disciplinary programmes. Internship and study abroad opportunities in year 3
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4-year multi-lingual course ideal for European language enthusiasts. You will study a minimum of two languages. Built-in study abroad in Year 3.
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UCD also offers the following part-time programmes available from the College of Arts & Humanities. Please note that these programmes are fee-paying.



Application for admission to the BA Part-Time Degree takes place via CAO by selecting DN520 (BA Arts Two Subjects) and nominating your two preferred degree subjects.  Further information on the admission process to UCD can be found on the UCD Admissions Office website at:  http://www.ucd.ie/registry/admissions/

DN520 is the full-time version of the BA Part-time Degree Programme.  To amend your record to the part-time version of the programme you should contact the Arts and Humanities Office (either in person or via the Student Connector) once you have registered for the Programme and prior to the commencement of the Academic Term.


BA Part-Time (Day Mode) is a fee-paying programme.  The EU fee for 2023/2024 is €102.90 per credit. Your fees will depend on the amount of modules registered for the academic year. A module is generally 5 credits i.e. if you register to 6 modules your fees will be €3087 (6 x 5 x 102.90). The fees information is available on the Fees website. Please note that the fees are subject to change each academic year. For further fee queries please contact the Student Desk.


The degree structure of BA Part-Time (Day Mode) replicates the BA Arts Two Subjects (Full-time)/DN520.


Subjects available on the BA Part-time (Day Mode) replicate those available on the BA Arts Two Subjects (Full-time)/DN520.


There are no set hours for BA Part-time (Day Mode).  The more modules a student registers to, the greater the time commitment required.  The modules available to students on the BA Part-time (Day Mode) are the same modules available to full-time students.  The day timetable is structured over a 40-hour week.  Any given module can be spread throughout the week.  For example, a particular module may have 2 hours of lectures in the week, the 1st on Monday at 10am and the 2nd on Thursday at 5pm, with a tutorial on Wednesday at 2pm.  Therefore, in order to ensure that this is the programme for you, you should be aware that you will need to be very flexible in terms of availability to attend lectures.

Curriculum/timetable information is available via the Course Search -> Undergraduate -> Arts & Humanities -> Arts (P/T) -> Select the subject and stage -> Select the module -> When is this module offered?


The amount of time it takes to complete the degree varies from student to student, depending on the credit workload* (most modules in the university are worth 5 credits).  For example, a 45-credit workload each academic year means that 180 credits (the credit requirement to complete the degree) should be accumulated after a four-year period.

For further queries on the BA Part-time (Day Mode), please contact us via the Student Connector

* On this programme, the minimum credit load is 5 credits per semester while the maximum credit load is 80 credits per academic year and 40 credits per semester.

The Higher Diploma in Arts

The Higher Diploma in Arts is of interest to graduates who already hold a BA degree or equivalent Level 8 degree NQF (Irish National Framework of Qualifications) and wish to study a subject to degree level. The programme runs during the daytime in conjunction with the full-time BA programme.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the Higher Diploma in Arts, you will need to complete 70 credits from the prescribed subject curriculum.

The subjects that are available are:

Ancient Greek

Art History

Celtic Civilisation

Drama Studies




Greek and Roman Civilisation


Irish Folklore

Irish Studies




Modern Irish




Fees for 2023/24 are €514.50 per five credits (EU fees). Most modules tend to have a 5-credit weighting. To obtain the H.Dip. in Arts, you will need to earn 70 credits. The fees for 70 credits would be €7,203. Please note that fees may change from year-to-year.  Fee information will be updated here.


The duration of the programme is dependent on which subject you choose and the number of modules that you wish to register to in a semester/year. Some subjects (French, German, Italian and Spanish) require you to complete pre-requisite modules prior to attempting more advanced modules. For these subjects, it will take a minimum of 5 semesters to complete the H. Dip. in Arts. For other subjects, it may be possible to complete the H.Dip. in Arts in 3 semesters.

Application Method

Applications will open on 1 June 2023 and close on 24 June 2023. Apply viawww.ucd.ie/apply.

Select Higher Diploma in Arts (BAU7) and submit your application. Transcripts verifying your level 8 qualification will be required.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have previously earned credits in the subject you wish to study for the H.Dip. in Arts at University level*, you may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

*For example, you may have earned 10 credits of French as part of your previous qualification. You may be eligible to have this credit recognised for the H.Dip. in Arts


Guidelines for Occasional Arts

The Occasional Arts Programme allows graduates of a subject to take a limited number of additional undergraduate modules in that subject. Information on the programme (including information on the application procedure) is outlined below.

Credit limits

The maximum amount of credit which can be offered via Occasional Arts is 15 credits. The minimum amount of credits which can be offered via Occasional Arts is 5 credits.

Entry Requirements

Occasional Arts applicants should be graduates of the subject in which they wish to pursue occasional studies.

General Information (including information on Application Format)

  1. The maximum amount of credit you may take via Occasional Arts is 15 credits and the minimum amount of credit is 5 credits.
  2. You may only take credit via Occasional Arts if you are a graduate in the subject.
  3. You should liaise with the relevant School to decide an appropriate module/on appropriate modules *. School contact details may be found via: https://www.ucd.ie/artshumanities/contact/collegesschoolswebpages/.
  4. Once the module(s) has been decided upon, you should ask the School to contact us via the Connector (https://www.ucd.ie/artshumanities/contact/artshumanitiesconnector/) indicating its support of your application for the module(s) and also indicating that there will be no capacity issues for programme students as a consequence.
  5. You should contact the UCD Student Desk to find out the cost of registering on the Occasional Arts programme for the required modules. Take a look at the fees website too: http://www.ucd.ie/students/fees/.
  6. The application deadline for Autumn modules is 1st August, for Spring modules is 1st December and for modules spread across 2 semesters is the deadline applying to the first semester in which you wish to pursue occasional credit.
  7. Applicants formally apply by letter addressed to the Associate Dean of Arts, c/o Arts and Humanities Office, Ground Floor, Newman Building, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4. Your application should be accompanied by an academic transcript **.  In order to be complete, each application requires school support (see point 4).
  8. Once the Office has received your application and the School’s letter of support and confirmation that there will be no capacity issues, we will pass the completed application to the Associate Dean for Programme Board consideration. After a decision has been reached by the Programme Board, you will be formally notified of the outcome of your application.
  9. The School will look after all registration to module(s) for the Occasional Arts programme, if the application is approved.

*Usually applications for Occasional Arts are from people wishing to satisfy the requirements of an external body (e.g. the Teaching Council). Therefore, they are advised to liaise with the school to choose appropriate modules which will satisfy the requirements of the external body. It is up to the applicant to get detailed information from the external body before starting discussions with the school.

**UCD Graduates do not need to provide academic transcripts.

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