Thresholds of Knowledge Upcoming Events

Posted 31 March 2021

Spring 2021

15-16 April 2021
International workshop:  ‘Mediating Otherness: Encounters across Time and Space’

Co-organised by Giacomo Savani with Nolwenn Corriou, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. 

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The synthesis and selection of narratives and traditions made by writers will also be addressed, raising broader questions concerning both the role of travel books in constructing and disseminating knowledge and the audience these works were targeting. The didactic dimension of the travelogues will be considered alongside the various frameworks (scientific, religious, antiquarian) that shaped both the depiction and the interpretation of Otherness.


Thursday 29th April, 1.30-2.30 pm
‘On the threshold of memoir and fiction’ 

Join acclaimed writers Sarah Moss and Emilie Pine in conversation. 
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3-4 June 2021
Conference: ‘The Architectural Humanities: Reading Race, Class, Gender’

Keynote speaker: Victoria Rosner, Columbia.

Sponsored by the Humanities Institute Research Project: Architecture and Narrative, The Built Environment in Modern Culture

Organiser: Katherine Fama


MA workshops: Medieval Manuscript Fragments Project

MA workshops as part of the MA in Archive and Record Management, organised by Niamh Pattwell, with Elizabeth Mullins. 

Dr Chantal Kobel (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies), 23rd March 
Dr Margaret Connoly (St. Andrews), 30th March
Prof Christop Flüeler (Fragmentarium project and University of Fribourg) April, date TBC


Autumn 2021

Conferences / workshops

September: Thresholds in Times of Crisis: Liminality in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Organiser: Jeanne Riou 


October: The peritext as threshold: critical concerns and case-studies

Speakers include: Derval ConroyUrsula Fanning, Francesco Lucioli. 


November: Translation as threshold

Organiser: Jane Grogan