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Ordinary Sick Leave

Page updated 10 August 2022

If you are a member of staff and absent from work on sick leave from 1st September 2014 you may have access to paid sick leave, subject to the limits that are set out below.

 The scheme provides for:

  • A maximum of 66 days sick leave on full pay in a year
  • Followed by a maximum of 65 days sick leave on half pay
  • Subject to a maximum of 131 days paid sick leave in a rolling four year period.

How is the rate of pay determined?

In order to determine your rate of pay two reference periods are considered, this is known as  “Dual Look Back”

  • Step 1: Determine whether the individual has access to paid sick leave
    The individual’s sick leave is reviewed over the 4 year period from the current date of absence.  If 131 days paid sick leave have not been exhausted over that 4 year period, access may be granted to paid sick leave.
  • Step 2: Determine whether full pay, half pay or TRR apply
    If step 1 indicates that the individual has access to paid sick leave, their sick leave record is then reviewed over the 1 year period from the current date of absence to determine the rate at which sick leave may be paid.   If the initial 66 day limit at full pay has not been exhausted, full pay may be awarded until the limit of 66 days is reached.  Thereafter, the amount paid will be calculated based on half pay or TRR, as appropriate.

Sick Leave and Probation

During probation a sick leave entitlement up to a maximum of 17 days at full pay and 16 days at half pay in any twelve month period.

Following successful completion of the probationary period this entitlement increases, based on a staff member's individual contract, to a maximum of 66 days at full pay and 65 days at half pay in any rolling four year period.  Pro rata entitlements apply to part-time staff and to those on contracts of less than 4 years duration.

Example: A staff member on a three year contract will be entitled to 49 days sick leave at full pay and 49 days sick leave at half pay at the commencement of the second year of their three year contract.

Sick Leave and Part-time employees

Regular part-time employees are those who (under the terms of the Worker Protection Act, 1991) have been in continuous employment for the same employer for thirteen weeks.  This category has a pro-rata sick leave entitlement similar to that outlined above.

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