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Sick Leave - Frequently Asked Questions

  • For Monthly Paid Staff: Effective September 2014 in accordance with recording of sick leave over 5 days, sick leave up to and including the 7th day are calculated on a 1/5 basis i.e.  annual salary divided by 52.18 divided by 5.  On the 8th day the calculation is made on 1/7 basis i.e. annual salary divided by 12 divided by the number of days is the month. If sick leave is extended beyond the 7th day then a retrospective calculation will be made and adjusted if required.
  • For Weekly Paid Staff: All unpaid sick leave deductions are calculated on a 1/5 basis i.e.  annual salary divided by 52.18 divided by 5.

No, disability will not be classified under the Critical Illness Protocol Everybody will be treated equally and in accordance with the Disability Act, 2005, reasonable accommodation is required for staff with a disability.

If a pregnant member of staff is medically unfit for work due to a pregnancy related illness and has exhausted sick leave at half pay; she will continue to receive sick leave at half pay for the duration of the pregnancy related illness prior to maternity leave. It also may be eligible for inclusion under the Critical Illness Protocol.

GP and dental appointments are covered under sick leave however local arrangements, approved by HOS/HOU, are also accepted.  Hospital appointments are covered under sick leave if the employee has a medical certificate from the hospital. Hospital appointments under the national BreastCheck and CervicalCheck screening programmes are included in this.

During periods of sick leave on half pay, pension contributions will continue to be deducted on the pre-sick leave salary.  This ensures that service will continue to be pensionable during this period. During periods of sick leave on nil pay, pension contributions will not be deducted and pensionable service will cease. This includes periods of nil pay where a claim for Income Protection has been admitted.  Any period where a staff member is in receipt of Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration will not be reckonable for pension purposes. On return to work, staff can consider purchasing breaks in service under the rules of the notional service plan, if eligible to do so.  A quote can be obtained by emailing pensions@ucd.ie.

Sick leave is calculated on a Monday to Friday basis. You can use the table in our Medical Certificate Requirements Scenarios to work out when or if a sick cert is required.

If you are on study leave and become sick, the study leave can be taken at a later date as long as a medical certificate is provided.

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