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Higher Diploma (HDip)

The Higher Diploma in Arts

The Higher Diploma in Arts is of interest to graduates who already hold a BA degree or equivalent Level 8 degree NQF (Irish National Framework of Qualifications) and wish to study a subject to degree level. The programme runs during the daytime in conjunction with the full-time BA programme.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the Higher Diploma in Arts, you will need to complete 70 credits from the prescribed subject curriculum.

The subjects that are available are:

Ancient Greek

Art History

Celtic Civilisation

Drama Studies




Greek and Roman Civilisation


Irish Folklore

Irish Studies




Modern Irish




Fees for 2023/24 are €514.50 per five credits (EU fees). Most modules tend to have a 5-credit weighting. To obtain the H.Dip. in Arts, you will need to earn 70 credits. The fees for 70 credits would be €7,203. Please note that fees may change from year-to-year.  Fee information will be updated here


The duration of the programme is dependent on which subject you choose and the number of modules that you wish to register to in a trimester/year. Some subjects (French, German, Italian and Spanish) require you to complete pre-requisite modules prior to attempting more advanced modules. For these subjects, it will take a minimum of 5 trimesters to complete the H. Dip. in Arts. For other subjects, it may be possible to complete the H.Dip. in Arts in 3 trimesters.

Application Method

Applications will open on 1 June 2023 and close on 24 June 2023. Apply via www.ucd.ie/apply.

Select Higher Diploma in Arts (BAU7) and submit your application. Transcripts verifying your level 8 qualification will be required.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have previously earned credits in the subject you wish to study for the H.Dip. in Arts at University level*, you may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

*For example, you may have earned 10 credits of French as part of your previous qualification. You may be eligible to have this credit recognised for the H.Dip. in Arts

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