BA Humanities Internship Programme

The BA Humanities internship programme is open to students in their third year. Students will register to an optional 12-14 week internship programme. There will be two cohorts of students; the first group undertaking an internship from September to December, and the second group undertaking an internship from January to May. The students will attend preparatory workshops before commencing their internship. Students will be assessed by different mechanisms designed to encourage them to reflect on how they have applied their skills to a work-based environment, as well as understanding the new skills they have acquired. 

We have partnered with a range of organisations across the sectors of media and journalism, arts and culture, government and public sector, law and advocacy, marketing and communications, and business and innovation. 

BA Humanities students study a wide variety of academic disciplines as follows: 

  • English with Creative Writing
  • Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
  • Classics, Art History and Archaeology
  • History and Politics
  • Music, Film and Drama
  • English, Drama and Film
  • Celtic Studies, Art History and History
  • History
  • English Literature 
  • Classics, English and History

The academic and critical skills and competencies our students gain from these disciplines are highly sought by employers and are transferable to the work environment: 

  • Expertise in content analysis and research
  • Succinct, persuasive and creative written and verbal communication
  • Creative problem solving and collaboration skills
  • Information management skills and expertise in distilling and synthesizing information
  • Ability to identify connections across complex problems
  • Conceptual storytelling
  • Fluency across languages
  • Time management skills and the ability to manage competing priorities 

These skills can translate into a variety of internship roles that may involve researching, creating content, assisting copywriters, event assistance, project assistance, creative writing pieces, roles that involve multilingual capabilities and any other general tasks as appropriate.