Changing the hours on a research funded contract

On occasion it may be necessary, or desirable, to change the working hours listed on a research contract / research authorisation form.

Please follow the steps below if your are a Principal Investigator looking to change a researchers working hours.

Step 1: Log into InfoHub, click on Human Resources and then select the Resourcing tab.

Step 2: Select the Hiring & Employee Changes (Research Funded) form and, within the menu, select “Change Employment Details”.

Step 3: Enters either the Name, Email or Personnel Number of the employee into the search field. 

(*Please note: a PI can only change the details of an employee currently assigned to their cost centre)

Step 4: Select the "Change Hours" option for the employee in question.

Step 5: Once you have completed the mandatory fields on the form click on the submit button so that the form can move to the next stage in the approval workflow. 

What happens next?

Once the online hiring form has been approved by the necessary Approvers (Head School & Research Finance), a 'Change in hours' letter will be issued to the employee by HR.

Contact the HR Helpdesk

The HR Helpdesk is the primary point of contact for all your employment-related queries.  We are here to help you with any queries on employee benefits, terms & conditions and HR policies & procedures. If we can’t help you directly we will refer your query to a HR specialist area.


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